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Maximize Gmail productivity with InboxPro's AI-powered features, automation tools, and customizable options for improved sales and customer support

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About InboxPro

Elevate Your Gmail Experience with InboxPro

InboxPro is the ultimate tool for enhancing your Gmail productivity, offering a powerful combination of AI-powered features and automation tools. Experience a more efficient email workflow, improved sales, and top-notch customer support with InboxPro.

Maximize Productivity with AI and Automation

InboxPro's AI-driven features, such as Magic Compose and Summarize, streamline your email writing process by generating professional emails and summarizing long emails in seconds. Say goodbye to repetitive tasks and save time with prefilled templates and automation tools.

Predictable Sales and Superior Customer Support

Build a robust business by increasing the probability of closing sales and providing world-class customer support. InboxPro's AI-powered email assistant helps you manage your inbox efficiently and effectively.

All-in-One Solution for Gmail Efficiency

Eliminate the need for multiple tools that slow down Gmail performance and hinder growth. InboxPro offers an all-in-one solution to save money and increase efficiency.

AI-Powered Features of InboxPro

Magic Compose & Summarize

Leverage InboxPro's AI capabilities to write emails quickly and summarize lengthy emails, enabling you to get more done in less time.

Calendar Scheduling

Avoid the back-and-forth of scheduling meetings with InboxPro's calendar feature. Share your availability through a link or add a scheduling button to your email signature for easy access.

Automated Follow-Up Sequences

Create automated follow-up sequences with multiple steps and conditions, eliminating manual follow-up work and saving you time.

Email Tracking

Receive notifications when your sent emails are opened or when recipients click links. Stay informed about the progress of your conversations and potential sales.

Templates and Signatures

Utilize InboxPro's templates for consistent messaging and professional branding. Add beautifully designed signatures with your picture and contact details to make your brand stand out.

Email Reports and Insights

Visualize your Gmail account activity, including sent and received emails, top-performing emails, and busy hours. Make data-driven decisions to optimize your email management.

Getting Started with InboxPro

Easy to Start

InboxPro requires no learning curve, with an intuitive user interface and no need for a demo.

World-Class Customer Experience

Access a help center with 100+ tutorials, online chat, and email support to help you get the most out of InboxPro.

Scalable for Your Business

Add team members as needed and take advantage of volume discounts for larger teams.

Security You Can Trust

InboxPro is backed by industry-standard security certifications, including GDPR, HIPAA, and ISO.

Risk-Free Trial

Try InboxPro risk-free with a forever free plan and a 7-day free trial to explore all functionalities.

New Releases

Stay informed about upcoming features and improvements with InboxPro's product roadmap.


InboxPro is the comprehensive solution for boosting productivity in Gmail. With AI-powered features, automation tools, and customizable options, it enhances sales and customer support efforts. Its user-friendly interface and robust support make it an essential tool for businesses looking to optimize their email management. Experience the new paradigm of email productivity with InboxPro's powerful combination of AI and automation.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $20
  • $41
  • $83


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