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Discover Cohere's world-class language AI products, designed to transform content generation, text summarization, and search for businesses across industries.

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About Cohere

Cohere is a leading language AI platform that offers customizable, high-performance language models to empower businesses with content generation, text summarization, and search capabilities. Explore Cohere's range of products designed to meet diverse industry needs.

Retrieving Text: Embed and Neural Search

Cohere's Embed and Neural Search products help you uncover trends, compare languages, and build powerful semantic search capabilities.

Embed: High-Performance Text Analysis

With Embed, you can perform topic modeling, semantic search, and content recommendations across 100+ languages using just one model.

Benefits of Embed

  1. High-performance, managed solution
  2. Support for English and 100+ languages
  3. Cloud-agnostic and data-secure

Neural Search: Meaning-Based Search

Neural Search delivers powerful semantic search capabilities to find text, documents, and articles based on meaning, not just keywords.

Benefits of Neural Search

  1. Vector search in English and multiple languages
  2. Simple APIs for easy integration
  3. Accurate, context-aware search results

Generating Text: Summarize and Generate

Cohere's Summarize and Generate products provide instant text summarization and content generation for various applications.

Summarize: Key Point Extraction

Summarize produces accurate, well-written summaries of documents, news articles, and more.

Benefits of Summarize

  1. Accurate summaries in seconds
  2. Informed, coherent summaries
  3. Customizable summary options

Generate: Context-Aware Content Creation

Generate produces unique content for emails, landing pages, product descriptions, and more.

Benefits of Generate

  1. Customizable data handling
  2. Task-specific, impactful AI
  3. Commitment to safety and security

Classifying Text: Classify

Cohere's Classify product organizes information for effective content moderation, analysis, and chatbot experiences.

Classify: Uncover Insights and Patterns

Classify can be used for customer support tagging, sentiment analysis, and content moderation.

Benefits of Classify

  1. Easy integration of large language models
  2. Multiple platform support
  3. World-class models for nuanced understanding


Cohere's language AI products offer businesses the power to revolutionize their content generation, summarization, and search capabilities. With a user-friendly API and a commitment to security, Cohere's cutting-edge solutions are designed to drive growth and efficiency across industries.

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Pricing options

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