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Boost your brand with Claid, an AI-driven image enhancement and creation tool that transforms product images into captivating visuals, driving conversions and customer engagement

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About Claid

Elevate your brand's visual impact with Claid, an innovative AI-powered image enhancement and creation tool designed for businesses looking to automate their content generation and captivate customers with stunning visuals. With Claid's suite of AI products, you can create beautiful, converting content in a snap.

Key Features of Claid:

  1. Image Enhancement: Fix quality issues, upscale images, remove backgrounds, and correct colors for crisp, clean visuals that grab your customers' attention.
  2. Scene Creation: Transform generic product photos into eye-catching visuals that preserve your brand details and create endless product images for your website, marketing ads, or social pages.
  3. AI Image Generation: Generate realistic food photos, unique product visuals, and virtual showrooms for cars using cutting-edge AI technology.
  4. Simple Integration: Easily integrate Claid into your website or app via API, with no need for expensive servers or solving reliability issues.

Benefits of Using Claid:

  1. Boost Conversions: Enhance images and improve lighting to influence 90% of online shoppers who rely on visuals when making purchase decisions.
  2. Achieve Consistency: Standardize your catalog by using a uniform background, frame, and image size across your platform.
  3. Increase Efficiency: Automate image creation and editing processes to save time and reduce costs.
  4. Improve Customer Experience: Provide high-quality visuals that engage customers and help them visualize products' use.

From image enhancement to scene creation and AI image generation, Claid offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to transform their visual content and drive customer engagement. Embrace the power of AI with Claid and create captivating content that boosts conversions and takes your brand to new heights.

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Pricing options

  • $49


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