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How to Create Product Images with AI | Scene Creation Demo

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How Clade AI's Scene Creation turns any image into a professional product photo with AI

Clade AI is a company that utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to develop innovative products for e-commerce platforms. Their latest product, Scene Creation, is a game-changer for creating high-quality product photos effortlessly. In this article, we'll explore how to use Scene Creation to transform any image into a professional product photo.

The Scene Creation Dashboard

To get started with Scene Creation, go to the Clade AI website and click on «Start exploring» under the Scene Creation tab. This will take you to the Scene Creation dashboard, where all the magic happens.

Choosing a Scene and Color

Once you're on the dashboard, choose from one of the sample photos provided to test the Scene Creation feature. For example, let's say we want to turn a simple PNG image of a bottle of shampoo into a high-quality product photo. We'll select the bottle of shampoo image and wait for it to load into the frame.

Next, choose one of the pre-designed scenes provided by Scene Creation on the left side of the dashboard. Clade AI has curated a collection of default scenes for different product types, so you can easily find the one that matches your product.

Once you've selected a scene, choose a color for your product photo on the right side of the dashboard. Scene Creation also allows you to adjust the template further by inputting more specific details, like adding a pond with lotus flowers in the background, for example.

Rendering Your Product Photo

After you've made all the necessary adjustments to your scene and color, simply click on the «Render» button to create your product photo. The AI algorithm will create four different variants of your product photo, which should take around 30 seconds to render.

Saving and Using Your Product Photo

Once the rendering process is complete, you can choose the product photo that best suits your needs and click on the downward arrow button to open the image in a new tab. From there, you can simply right-click and save the image to your device.

Now you have a high-quality product photo that's ready to be used on your e-commerce platform. If you're not satisfied with the image, you can always go back to the dashboard and make further adjustments until you get the perfect shot.


Scene Creation by Clade AI is an innovative solution for anyone looking to create high-quality product photos effortlessly. With its intuitive dashboard and AI-powered algorithms, you can turn any image into a professional product photo in no time. Stay up to date on the latest updates and products from Clade AI by following them on social media or visiting their official website.


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