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Automate podcast post-production with Castmagic, transforming your MP3s into transcripts, show notes, summaries, and social content in just a few clicks

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About Castmagic

Introducing Castmagic, the innovative post-production solution for podcasters, offering AI-powered transcription, show notes, summaries, and social content creation.

Key Features of Castmagic

Discover the powerful features of Castmagic that streamline your podcast post-production process:


Transform your podcast episodes into clean, polished transcripts, ready for publishing in written format.

Show Notes

Automatically generate timestamped show notes, complete with topics and other essential information.


Create concise summaries of your podcast episodes, broken down by individual speakers.

Social Content

Generate tweet threads, LinkedIn posts, quotes, hooks, CTAs, and more to promote your podcast effectively.

Save Time and Effort with Castmagic

Experience the benefits of using Castmagic to optimize your podcast post-production process:

  • Save 20+ hours per week
  • Automate tedious tasks
  • Instant content delivery
  • No coding required
  • Boost podcast engagement

How Castmagic Works

Using Castmagic is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Upload your MP3 to Castmagic.
  2. Select the outputs you desire (transcripts, show notes, summaries, social content).
  3. Receive your content instantly, ready for use.

Unleash the Power of Castmagic

Castmagic is the ultimate AI-powered podcast content and show notes creator, designed to save you time and effort while maximizing your podcast's potential. Elevate your podcasting experience with Castmagic today!

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $39
  • $99
  • $299


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