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AGI-Powered Podcast Show Notes and Content: Introducing Castmagic 🪄

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Castmagic: A Powerful Tool for Podcasters and Content Creators

If you're a podcaster or content creator, you know how time-consuming it can be to extract valuable insights and information from long-form audio content. This is where Castmagic comes in. This tool is designed to streamline your podcast production process by automating your post-production work, delivering transcripts, summaries, and other assets, all in a matter of minutes.

How Castmagic Works

Using Castmagic is simple. All you need to do is drop in your audio file, and the tool does the rest. It breaks down the transcript by speaker and time stamps it, so you can download it in plain text or SRT format for your subtitles.

AI Content Generation

But the real magic happens in the AI content generation section. Castmagic provides a wealth of information and tools to help you create high-quality content from your audio files. Here are some of the features:


Castmagic generates ten different titles for your episode, giving you plenty of options to choose from.


It also provides a list of keywords that could be helpful for creating tags.

Speaker Bio

You'll get a speaker bio for each guest on your show.

Episode Intro

Castmagic provides an introduction to each episode to help you catch your audience's attention.

Timestamp Overview

This feature provides a timestamp overview of the episode, so you can quickly find specific sections you want to reference.

Questions and Answers

Castmagic generates ten different questions and answers based on the content of your audio file.

Key Topics and Bullets

This feature provides key topics and bullets covered in the episode, making it easy to create show notes and summaries.

Notable Quotes with Timestamps

Castmagic highlights notable quotes from the episode and timestamps them, making it easy to create quote cards for social media.

Hype Reel

Castmagic creates a hype reel to get your audience excited about the episode.

Social Media Content

Castmagic generates social media content, including a LinkedIn post with tags, a newsletter, and a tweet thread.

Magic Chat

Finally, there's Magic Chat, a powerful feature that allows you to ask Cast Magic to write a blog post for your episode. Just tell Magic Chat what you want to write about, and it will do the rest.


Castmagic is a game-changing tool for podcasters and content creators. It saves time and helps you create high-quality content from your audio files. While this tool is still pretty new, it's clear that it will get better with time. Whether you're a seasoned podcaster or just getting started, Castmagic is a tool you don't want to miss.


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