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AudioStrip offers near-perfect vocal and instrumental isolation, transcription, and mastering using advanced AI algorithms. Unleash your creativity with this free, easy-to-use tool

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About AudioStrip

Discover AudioStrip, the ultimate online tool for music producers, providing near-perfect vocal and instrumental isolation, transcription, and mastering with advanced AI algorithms.

Features of AudioStrip

  • High-Quality AI Algorithms: Experience the best results with AI-driven separation of vocals and instrumentals.
  • Free and Easy to Use: Access powerful audio tools without spending a dime or struggling with complex interfaces.
  • Fast Results: Get the desired outcome quickly and efficiently.
  • Batch Processing: Isolate vocals and instrumentals from multiple songs at once with AudioStrip Batch.
  • Constant Updates: Benefit from new features and improvements added regularly.

AudioStrip's Applications

AudioStrip is ideal for music producers and hobbyists seeking powerful audio tools without the need for technical expertise:

  • Vocal and Instrumental Isolation: Separate vocals and instrumentals using the power of AI, enabling you to sample and remix with ease.
  • Audio Transcription: Auto-transcribe and download MIDI from any song for free with AudioStrip Transcribe, saving hours of effort.
  • Online Mastering: Master your tracks automatically with AI using AudioStrip Mastering, eliminating the need to hire professionals.

Unlock your creative potential with AudioStrip, the AI-powered solution for near-perfect vocal and instrumental isolation, transcription, and mastering. Experience exceptional results and save time with this free, easy-to-use tool.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $3.99


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