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Supercharge your development with Buildt, an AI-driven tool for contextual code search, code explanations, and code generation in large codebases.

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About Buildt

Unleash the Power of AI for Codebase Search and Understanding with Buildt

Navigating large codebases can be a daunting task for developers, especially when dealing with complex projects or working on unfamiliar code. Buildt, an AI-driven tool designed to help developers search and understand large codebases, is here to change the game.

Contextual Code Search

Traditional code search tools rely on simple string matching, which often leads to imprecise and time-consuming search results. Buildt's AI-powered contextual search goes beyond that, allowing you to search for code by its function instead of its name. For example, you can search for «Where are request tokens validated in the backend?» and Buildt will find the relevant code, even if you don't know the exact terms used in the codebase.

Code Explanations (Coming Soon)

Understanding how code works in a vast codebase can be challenging. Buildt will soon provide code explanations, enabling developers to grasp the flow and functionality of code sections as if an expert was guiding them.

Code Generation (Coming Soon)

Buildt will also offer full-file code generation across your projects, eliminating the need to switch between lines or tabs while coding. This feature will save you time and enhance your development experience.

Supported Languages

Buildt currently supports JavaScript and TypeScript, with Python and Ruby support coming soon. This expanding range of supported languages ensures that developers can leverage Buildt for a variety of projects.

Installing Buildt

To get started with Buildt, simply install the VS Code extension and begin reaping the benefits of AI-driven code search and understanding.

Buildt's AI technology, trained on proprietary synthetic datasets, offers better-than-human understanding of codebases. With Buildt, developers can ask questions about their projects as if consulting an expert, making the process of working with large codebases more efficient and manageable. Companies like Stripe and Airbnb, which deal with million-line codebases, can particularly benefit from Buildt's powerful capabilities.

Transform your development process and elevate your coding experience with Buildt, the AI-powered tool that makes navigating and understanding large codebases a breeze.

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Pricing options

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