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GPTDuck helps you navigate Github repositories with ease, leveraging OpenAI's GPT and embeddings models to answer your questions and clarify codebases

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About GPTDuck

GPTDuck: AI-Powered Assistance for Github Repositories

GPTDuck is an innovative AI-powered service designed to help you understand and navigate Github repositories with ease. Whether you're confused about a repo's functionality or trying to learn a new codebase, GPTDuck can provide the assistance you need. Built on top of OpenAI's GPT and embeddings models, GPTDuck offers a powerful tool for developers and software enthusiasts alike.

Getting Started with GPTDuck

Using GPTDuck is simple and straightforward. Follow these three steps to get the answers you need:

Input a Github Repository

Provide a public Github repository with less than 200 files and under 100MB in size. Upgrade in settings for higher limits.

Ask a Question

Pose a clear, concise question about the repository. Be specific about files or functions as they are defined in the code.

Learn about the Repo

GPTDuck will analyze the repo, taking approximately 15 seconds for previously indexed repos or several minutes for new ones.

Benefits of GPTDuck

GPTDuck offers a range of benefits to developers and users looking to understand Github repositories:

Save Time and Effort

No need to manually sift through code and documentation. GPTDuck quickly provides answers to your questions, saving you valuable time and effort.

Enhance Code Comprehension

GPTDuck's AI-driven analysis ensures a deeper understanding of complex codebases, helping you gain insights that may not be immediately apparent.

Improve Collaboration

GPTDuck's ability to clarify codebases makes it easier for teams to work together, fostering better communication and collaboration.

Learn New Technologies Faster

GPTDuck can be an invaluable resource when learning a new technology or programming language, providing guidance and clarification when needed.

Conclusion: Supercharge Your Github Experience with GPTDuck

GPTDuck is an indispensable tool for developers and software enthusiasts seeking to better understand Github repositories. By leveraging OpenAI's GPT and embeddings models, GPTDuck provides clear, concise answers to your questions, saving time and effort while enhancing code comprehension. Experience the power of AI assistance in navigating Github repos with GPTDuck today.

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