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Supercharge your workflow with Bloks, an AI-driven productivity assistant that automates note-taking, task management, and meeting preparation

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About Bloks

Bloks: The Ultimate AI-Powered Productivity Assistant

Discover Bloks, an AI-driven productivity assistant designed to automate note-taking, task management, and meeting preparation, allowing you to focus on the essential aspects of your work.

Bloks Features

Auto-Generated Meeting Notes and Action Items

Bloks automatically creates meeting summaries and to-dos from any conversation, be it in-person or on platforms like Zoom, Meet, Teams, Slack, or Webex.

AI-Assisted Organization

Bloks intelligently organizes your notes, tasks, and attachments with AI-assisted tagging and connects them with relevant emails, calendar events, and other essential context.

AI-Enhanced Output

Leverage the power of AI to know what needs to be done, when it's due, and how to do it, or even get it done for you, increasing your productivity.

Benefits of Bloks

Effortless Note-Taking

With Bloks, instantly obtain summaries and transcriptions from in-person meetings and video calls without intrusive bots or plugins.

Seamless Organization

Bloks automatically organizes information by companies, contacts, topics, and events, providing a personal CRM that gives your captured data more context.

Time-Saving Assistance

Bloks helps you draft emails, messages, tweets, and more, freeing up your time and allowing you to focus on higher-level tasks.

Areas of Application

Bloks is perfect for professionals who want to:

  • Streamline note-taking during meetings
  • Organize and manage tasks efficiently
  • Prepare for meetings with ease
  • Maximize productivity with AI assistance


Bloks is a game-changing AI-powered productivity assistant that automates note-taking, task management, and meeting preparation, enabling you to focus on what truly matters. With its intelligent organization and AI-enhanced output, Bloks takes your productivity to new heights. Experience the power of Bloks and revolutionize your workflow today.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $20


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