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Transform your browser into a powerful automation tool with Save time, streamline tasks, and leverage AI capabilities without any coding

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About Empowering Seamless Web Automation with No-Code AI Tools

In an era where time is of the essence, automation has become a necessity. Recognizing this need, has redefined web automation by integrating artificial intelligence into its easy-to-use, no-code platform.

The Chrome Extension: Automation Simplified comes as a simple Chrome extension that seamlessly integrates into your browsing experience. It is not only easy to install but also free to try without the requirement of any credit card details. This easy accessibility and hassle-free trial provide users the convenience and confidence to explore the tool’s capabilities.

Personalize Your Automation with Custom Bots and Templates offers the flexibility to create custom bots tailored to your specific needs. With its user-friendly interface, automating actions like clicking and typing on any website becomes a breeze. In addition, the platform provides various templates, allowing you to get started quickly and efficiently.

Automation At Your Convenience with

Whether you want to manually run your bots, set them on a schedule, or trigger them based on external events via Zapier, provides the flexibility to align with your working style.

The Power of ChatGPT in

One of the most exciting developments in is its integration with ChatGPT, a powerful AI developed by OpenAI. This integration brings a range of exciting features that make the platform more potent and versatile.

Harnessing the Power of ChatGPT

The integration of ChatGPT introduces new and exciting features in, providing users with AI-enhanced capabilities for web automation.

AI Data Extractor and AI Text Generator has successfully harnessed ChatGPT's ability to extract and reformat unstructured data, providing an easy solution for AI web scraping. Additionally, the platform leverages ChatGPT's text generation capability to create human-like text based on user prompts.

AI Bot Builder and AI Selector Tool

The ongoing development of an AI bot builder in aims to automate the creation of bots based on task descriptions. This innovative feature will revolutionize how users automate tasks. Similarly, the AI Selector Tool is an enhancement to the platform's point-and-click selector tool, which facilitates easier data scraping.

AI Support Assistant

As part of its mission to provide user-friendly automation solutions, plans to introduce an AI support assistant. This AI assistant will work alongside customer support to help users resolve issues, further simplifying the automation experience.

H3: Conclusion: Embrace the Future of Web Automation with

With its impressive array of features, is revolutionizing the way businesses and individuals approach web automation. The platform's ease of use, coupled with powerful AI capabilities, makes it a go-to solution for those seeking to save time and streamline tasks.'s Chrome extension offers the convenience of no-code tools right within your browser, making web automation simpler and more accessible than ever before. As the platform continues to evolve and harness the power of AI, sets a new standard for web automation tools, promising an exciting future for both developers and non-technical users alike. Reviews

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Pricing options

  • $15
  • $50
  • $150
  • $250


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