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Discover Amper Music's API for custom music generation and access 100,000+ exclusive tracks on Shutterstock, enhancing your creative projects.

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About Amper Music

Unleash Your Creativity with Amper Music

Amper Music, now part of the Shutterstock family, offers a cutting-edge platform for custom music generation. Access more than 100,000 exclusive tracks generated by Amper Music right on Shutterstock and elevate your creative projects to the next level.

Custom Music Generation with Amper's API

Amper Music's proprietary API allows users to create personalized music generation tools for individual or client use. Generate custom audio output with an audio timeline, specifying the length, style, and instrument arrangement for a truly unique sound.

Timeline and Spans

The timeline, consisting of sequential non-overlapping spans, is the core data from which the API generates rendered audio. Spans represent either a period of music (metered span) or silence (unmetered span), with regions and instrument groups determining the style and instrument arrangement.

Descriptors and Instrument Groups

Descriptors define the style or genre of the music within a region, while instrument groups dictate when specific instruments play and stop. Use the API to create complex or simple timelines, customizing every aspect of your audio creation.

Unlock the Full Potential with a Custom Audio Subscription

Without an API subscription, users have access to limited descriptors and are restricted to 10 requests per minute for custom audio endpoints, creating renders no longer than 30 seconds. To unleash the full potential of Amper Music, consider a custom audio subscription for enhanced creative freedom.


Amper Music offers a powerful and versatile music generation tool, allowing users to create custom audio for their projects. By joining forces with Shutterstock, Amper Music has made it even easier to access exclusive tracks and elevate your creative work. Explore Amper Music today and revolutionize your sound.

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