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Experience hassle-free automatic documentation for your code with Stenography, featuring Autopilot, a powerful API, and seamless integration with various extensions

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About Stenography

Introducing Stenography: The Future of Automatic Documentation

Every developer understands the importance of well-documented code. Stenography is here to revolutionize the way you document your projects, making the process seamless, efficient, and automatic.

Feature-Rich Automatic Documentation

Stenography offers a multitude of features, starting with Autopilot. Autopilot allows you to document entire codebases automatically, updating the documentation every time you hit save. This ensures your code documentation stays current and comprehensive.

Powerful API for Customization

Stenography's powerful API enables you to pass in code and receive a plain English explanation in return. The customization options are extensive, allowing you to tailor the output to your specific requirements.

Stack Overflow Suggestions and Linked Documentation

Say goodbye to countless Google searches. Stenography intelligently integrates Stack Overflow suggestions and relevant documentation from across the web, keeping all the information you need right at your fingertips.

Extensions Galore

Stenography boasts an impressive range of extensions, making it easy to integrate with your existing coding tools and platforms. This ensures a smooth and streamlined documentation experience wherever your code is located.

Privacy First Approach

With a strong focus on privacy, Stenography uses a passthrough API and does not store your code. This means your code remains secure on your system, providing you with peace of mind.

Generous Free Monthly Invocations

Stenography offers 250 free monthly API invocations, allowing you to use the service with your VSC or your own extension without incurring additional costs.

Multi-Language Support

Stenography supports a variety of languages, including JavaScript, TypeScript, TSX, Python, HTML, Ruby, Vue, Solidity, and JSX, making it an ideal solution for developers working with different programming languages.

In conclusion, Stenography is the ultimate automatic documentation tool for developers looking to streamline their coding workflow and enhance code clarity. By harnessing the power of Stenography, developers can save time, improve collaboration, and focus on what truly matters: creating outstanding software.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $10
  • $20


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