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Aivo is an AI-powered automated conversational journey platform that can solve customer queries, manage live chat, and create WhatsApp campaigns.

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About Aivo

Aivo is an AI-powered platform that helps businesses create automated conversational journeys, which can provide solutions to customer queries and save businesses valuable time and effort. With Aivo, you can automate customer service and understand your customers' behavior, increase your Net Promoter Score (NPS), and use conversational AI to create successful customer journeys.

Live Chat and WhatsApp Message Campaigns

Aivo provides a live chat with conversational AI, which enables businesses to respond to queries instantly and manage successful customer journeys. The platform is available on all digital channels, and you can also create WhatsApp message campaigns easily to send proactive one-time campaigns or recurring messages.

Low-code Integration Designer Tool

Aivo also offers a low-code integration designer tool that allows businesses to automate conversational journeys with custom integrations, which can fit their customer service and sales goals. The platform is industry agnostic, and its benefits can be applied to a wide range of industries.

Aivo Suite for the Financial Industry

For the financial industry, Aivo Suite can be connected to banking systems and third-party platforms to answer personalized and transactional queries for each client. Aivo Studio allows you to amplify your automated conversational journeys with low-code integrations.

E-commerce Industry Applications

For the e-commerce industry, Aivo helps to automate the generation of new sales opportunities in your digital channels, locate nearby branches, draw user attention to specific pages, book calls, and demos, manage the shopping cart from WhatsApp, and manage changes and returns of products.

Telecom Industry Solutions

For the telecom industry, Aivo helps businesses to reduce telephone service times, scale attention without increasing costs, locate the nearest support centers, retain customers with personalized offers, and automate services payment and debt balances.

Conclusion: Comprehensive Conversational AI Tools

Overall, Aivo provides businesses with a comprehensive suite of conversational AI tools to help streamline customer service, automate customer journeys, and save valuable time and effort. The platform's low-code integration designer tool allows businesses to create instant solutions for their customers and achieve their sales goals.

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