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Discover Aistote, the AI-powered app that creates custom quizzes and flashcards based on your course content for efficient, on-the-go learning

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About Aistote

Aistote is an AI-powered application that generates custom quizzes and flashcards based on your course content, revolutionizing the way you study and learn. With its easy-to-use interface and compatibility with various devices, Aistote is the perfect tool for students and teachers alike.

Study Anywhere, Anytime

Aistote makes it easy to review quizzes and flashcards on the go. Sync the app with your computer, phone, or tablet, and study during your lunch break, on public transport, or before bed. Learning has never been more convenient.

Save Time and Focus on Teaching

Teachers can benefit from Aistote's ability to create quizzes and flashcards in just a few minutes. This time-saving feature allows educators to concentrate on teaching and supporting their students, rather than spending hours on quiz and flashcard preparation.

Key Features and Benefits of Aistote

AI-Generated Flashcards and Quizzes

Aistote uses AI to create tailored flashcards and quizzes based on your course content, ensuring you focus on the most important information and learn efficiently.

Multi-Device Compatibility

Aistote's compatibility with computers, phones, and tablets allows for seamless syncing and studying across multiple devices.

Easy-to-Use Interface

The user-friendly interface makes it easy for students and teachers to navigate the app, create quizzes, and review flashcards.

Time-Saving Tool for Teachers

Aistote's quick flashcard and quiz creation capabilities save teachers time, allowing them to focus on what matters most — teaching and supporting their students.

Experience Aistote: The Best Way to Learn

Aistote is transforming the learning experience by making it more efficient, convenient, and accessible. With its AI-generated quizzes and flashcards, multi-device compatibility, and time-saving features for teachers, Aistote is the ultimate study tool for students and educators alike. Try Aistote today and experience the difference for yourself.

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Pricing options

  • $14.99


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