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Afforai offers AI-powered tools that transform how you interact with documents. Discover how Afforai can streamline your reading and writing workflows

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About Afforai

Afforai: Revolutionizing Document Reading with AI

In the digital age, we are often overwhelmed with vast amounts of text data. Reading through documents, spreadsheets, and websites can be time-consuming and inefficient. This is where Afforai comes into play.

What is Afforai?

Afforai is a suite of AI-powered tools designed to revolutionize the way we interact with text data. With a focus on saving time and enhancing efficiency, Afforai offers solutions that can summarize, translate, and answer questions about various forms of text data.

Key Features of Afforai

Afforai Build

Afforai Build is a powerful tool that allows users to build AI chatbots to extract valuable information from text data. It supports various text data types, including websites and files such as docx, pdf, and csv. Once the data is processed using the Comprehension Model, users can ask their AI data expert about their documents. This feature transforms the way users interact with their data, making it easier and faster to extract the information they need.

Afforai Ask

Afforai Ask is designed to supercharge writing workflows. Whether you need to write quick emails, documents, reports, or marketing captions, Afforai Ask can assist. By leveraging AI, this tool can help users create high-quality written content more efficiently.

Support for Over 100 Languages

In today's globalized world, language support is crucial. Afforai supports over 100 languages, making it a truly global tool. No matter where you are or what language you speak, you can take advantage of the powerful features Afforai offers.

Fast Mode and Powerful Mode

Afforai Build offers two modes to cater to different needs. The Fast mode is ideal for tasks like information look-up and creating website chatbots. On the other hand, the Powerful mode is designed for more complex tasks such as document comprehension, reasoning tasks, writing reports, and research. These two modes ensure that Afforai Build can be used effectively for a wide range of tasks.

Free and Pay As You Go Plans

Afforai offers both free and pay-as-you-go plans. This flexible pricing structure ensures that users can choose the plan that best fits their needs and budget.

Benefits of Using Afforai

Using Afforai can bring numerous benefits. By automating the process of reading and understanding text data, Afforai can save users a significant amount of time. The AI chatbots can extract valuable information quickly and accurately, reducing the risk of human error.

Furthermore, Afforai Ask can enhance writing workflows, helping users create high-quality written content more efficiently. This can lead to improved productivity and better results.

Finally, with support for over 100 languages, Afforai is accessible to users around the world. This wide range of language support ensures that users can leverage the power of Afforai, no matter what language they speak.


In conclusion, Afforai is a powerful suite of AI-powered tools that can revolutionize the way we interact with text data. Whether you need to extract information from documents, improve your writing workflows, or simply save time, Afforai has you covered. Experience the future of document reading with Afforai today.

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