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Streamline your projects with FormWise, a no-code platform for designing embeddable AI tools, forms, and widgets powered by GPT technology

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About FormWise

FormWise offers an innovative platform for creating embeddable AI tools, forms, and widgets without any coding. Harness the power of GPT technology to streamline your work and improve user experiences.

Key Features of FormWise

Customizable AI-Powered Forms

Design tailor-made forms for your projects, leveraging GPT technology to generate content, answer questions, and simplify processes.

Embeddable Widgets

Easily embed your AI-powered tools and widgets in any website or application, offering seamless integration and user-friendly experiences.

Broad Range of Applications

FormWise supports various use cases, from SEO onboarding forms and digital marketing planners to Q& A generators and industry-specific content creators.

Benefits of Using FormWise

Time-Saving Solutions

Reduce time spent on repetitive tasks by automating content generation, debugging, and other processes using AI-driven forms and widgets.

No Coding Required

FormWise's intuitive platform allows anyone to create AI tools without any coding knowledge, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Monetizable AI Tools

Turn your favorite GPT prompts into monetizable AI tools and generate additional revenue streams.

Areas of Application

Digital Marketing and SEO

Streamline your digital marketing efforts and improve SEO with AI-powered forms that generate copy, emails, and suggestions based on user inputs.

Customer Support

Enhance customer experience with AI-driven Q& A generators that provide direct answers to users' questions.

Content Generation

Create industry-specific content, meal plans, fitness routines, or recipes using FormWise's custom forms tailored to your needs.

Language Translation and Travel Planning

Build AI-driven language translators or travel advisors for personalized itineraries and seamless trip planning experiences.

Unlock the power of AI-driven tools, forms, and widgets with FormWise, a no-code platform that simplifies processes and enhances user experiences. Create custom solutions tailored to your needs and embed them anywhere for maximum impact.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $9
  • $29
  • $99


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