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Discover millions of AI-generated images with KREA, featuring Stable Diffusion generations. Create prompt collections and boost your creative projects today!

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About KREA

KREA is a cutting-edge platform that allows users to explore millions of AI-generated images, including those created using Stable Diffusion. By offering powerful tools for prompt engineers, KREA enables creatives to easily create collections of prompts, empowering them to design stunning visual content.

Key Features of KREA

Massive AI-Generated Image Library

Access an extensive library of AI-generated images, featuring those created using Stable Diffusion, providing a wealth of inspiration for your creative projects.

Easy Collection Creation

Effortlessly curate and manage collections of prompts, streamlining your creative workflow and ensuring you have instant access to your favorite inspirations.

Intuitive Search Functionality

Quickly find the perfect AI-generated image for your needs with KREA's user-friendly search capabilities, saving you time and effort.

Benefits of Using KREA

Boundless Inspiration

Unleash your creativity by exploring millions of AI-generated images and prompts, offering endless inspiration for your artistic endeavors.

Simplified Workflow

Save time and enhance your creative process by easily curating and managing prompt collections, making it simple to find the right inspiration when you need it.

Continuous Innovation

Stay on the cutting edge of AI art generation with KREA, which features the latest Stable Diffusion generations, ensuring your projects always stand out.

Areas of Application

KREA is ideal for a range of creative professionals and enthusiasts, including:

  • Digital artists seeking AI-generated images for inspiration
  • Content creators looking to enhance their visual projects
  • Designers searching for innovative ideas and concepts


KREA is a powerful platform that allows users to explore millions of AI-generated images, including those created using Stable Diffusion. With intuitive tools for creating and managing prompt collections, KREA streamlines the creative process and enables users to produce stunning visual content. Unleash your creativity and stay ahead of the curve with KREA today!

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Pricing options

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