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How to use Fotor AI Generator

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Discover the Power of Fotor's AI Art World: A User Guide

Welcome to the fascinating world of Fotor's AI-powered art tools. This comprehensive guide will provide a step-by-step walkthrough of the new AI Art feature, making it easy to transform your ideas or photos into stunning pieces of art.

Step-By-Step Guide to Using Fotor's AI Art Generator

Step 1: Access the AI Art Generator

Begin by clicking «Generate» to access the AI Art tool page. This opens a new interface designed for the AI art generation process.

Step 2: Input Image Prompts and Preferences

In the top-left text box, input your desired prompts for the image. These prompts may include the subject and any specific details you wish to include in your generated image.

Next, choose your desired aspect ratio and style. The aspect ratio determines the width and height of your image, while the style dictates the artistic genre of the resulting artwork.

You also have the option to choose the number of outputs, giving you multiple results from a single set of inputs. After setting your preferences, click «Generate.»

Step 3: Regenerate or Select Different Styles

If the generated results are not to your satisfaction, Fotor gives you the flexibility to regenerate the image or select a different style. This iterative process allows for a wide range of possibilities until you achieve your desired result.

Step 4: Download Your Favorite Images

Once you are satisfied with your generated image, you can download it with a simple click. Now, you have a unique piece of AI-generated art at your disposal.

How to Use the Image-to-Image Feature in Fotor's AI Art World

Fotor's AI Art World also includes an innovative «Image-to-Image» feature that lets you transform existing images using AI.

Step 1: Access the Image-to-Image Page

Click «From Image» in the top-left corner to access the «Image-to-Image» page.

Step 2: Upload a Photo and Set Preferences

Click «Open Image» to upload the photo you wish to transform. Select your desired style and the number of outputs.

Step 3: Generate and Download

After setting your preferences, click «Generate.» From the generated results, choose your favorite image and download it. This effortless process lets you add artistic flair to your photos.

Conclusion: Harness the Power of AI Art with Fotor

Fotor's AI Art World opens up new possibilities for artistic creation, empowering users to generate unique artworks based on their inputs or transform existing photos. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a beginner looking to experiment, Fotor's AI Art World offers an intuitive and accessible platform to express your creativity.


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