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How to setup a multi-step popup form using Contlo

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Creating an Engaging Pop-up Form with Contlo


In today's data-driven world, capturing zero-party data from customers is crucial for personalized marketing. Using Contlo's intuitive interface, you can create multi-step pop-up forms to gather valuable customer information. Let's explore how to build an engaging and effective pop-up form in Contlo.

Getting Started with Forms in Contlo

The first step in creating a pop-up form is to navigate to the 'Forms' section in Contlo. From there, choose to build a form from scratch, naming it as per your needs (for example, 'Multi-step Pop-up'). Select the form type as 'Pop-up' and then click on 'Create Form'. By default, you'll see a basic form asking people to subscribe to your newsletter.

Customizing Your Pop-up Form

Defining the Style

Before adding elements to your form, define its style. Contlo provides several customization options for styling your form, such as layout selection, image addition, form width resizing, and corner radius adjustments. You can also customize border styles, paddings, shadows, and background colors to align with your brand identity.

Customizing Input Fields

Contlo also allows you to control the style of your input fields, labels, placeholders, and error messages, including font colors and font family. You can add more fields to your forms to collect more data from your website visitors. For instance, you could incentivize visitors with a discount on form completion, thereby increasing form fill rates. To do this, simply adjust the font and make the offer appealing.

Adding More Fields and Steps

In addition to the email field, you might want to collect the visitor's name. This can be achieved by dragging and dropping an input field and changing the placeholder to 'Name'. You can also add a timer block to create a sense of urgency, enhancing form conversion rates.

To make your form multi-step, add another step at the bottom of your form builder. For instance, you could add a phone number field in the second step with appropriate accompanying text.


Creating a visually appealing and effective multi-step pop-up form is quick and easy with Contlo. The platform offers a plethora of settings and customization options to align with your branding and data collection needs. In our next discussion, we will delve deeper into creating a fly-out form and exploring other settings available in Contlo. Stay tuned!



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