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Discover Contlo, the world's first AI marketing assistant, simplifying omnichannel campaigns, generating creatives, and offering in-depth insights

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About Contlo

Supercharge Your Marketing with Contlo: The World's First AI Marketing Assistant

In the competitive world of digital marketing, businesses need cutting-edge solutions to stay ahead. Contlo, an AI-powered marketing platform, is revolutionizing marketing efforts by streamlining omnichannel campaigns, generating on-brand creatives, and offering deep insights.

One Platform for All Your Marketing Needs

Contlo simplifies marketing efforts with a chat-based interface that allows you to manage email, SMS, and WhatsApp campaigns using plain English. Create landing pages, rich emails, social media creatives, and more, all while receiving 24/7 hybrid AI and human support.

A Custom AI Model for Your Brand

Train your brand's own AI model for contextual creative generation. As your AI model learns from your usage, it will create brand-consistent, high-converting copy and creatives aligned with your brand's personality, ensuring maximum engagement at every customer touchpoint.

Generate Dynamic Marketing Workflows

Say goodbye to templatized automations and hello to generative customer journeys. Contlo's AI-powered platform creates marketing workflows based on user behavior, automatically schedules campaigns, and runs real-time A/B tests to optimize performance.

Harness the Power of AI for Email, SMS, and WhatsApp Marketing

With Contlo, elevate your email marketing with hyper-personalized messages, advanced segmentation, and powerful automations to drive sales and build customer relationships. Enhance your SMS marketing with conversational messaging, compliance safeguards, and behavioral targeting. Leverage WhatsApp for AI-powered conversational commerce, automated support, and exceptional shopping experiences.

Contlo AI Research Lab: The Future of Marketing

Stay ahead of the competition with Contlo's AI Research Lab, dedicated to advancing artificial intelligence in e-commerce marketing. A dedicated team of experts develops innovative solutions using machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive analytics to enhance customer experiences and drive sales.


Contlo is a game-changer for businesses looking to harness the power of AI in their marketing efforts. By simplifying marketing tasks, providing valuable insights, and offering a range of powerful features, Contlo is your key to staying ahead in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

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