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Unleash the Power of Team Blocks on Hashnode

Elevate Your Team's Content Publishing with Hashnode Team Blocks

Hashnode's Team Blocks offer a remarkable solution for companies and organizations seeking to publish content within a familiar and beloved ecosystem. By leveraging Hashnode's robust platform, teams can effortlessly create and manage their blogs, harnessing the power of Hashnode's features while sharing their content with the vibrant Hashnode community. Best of all, Team Blocks come at no cost, making it an ideal choice for organizations of all sizes. In this article, we'll explore how you can create and optimize a Team Block for your team.

Simple Steps to Launch Your Team Block

Launching a Team Block on Hashnode is incredibly straightforward. Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1: Access the Main Page and Initiate a Team Block

Ensure you're on the main page of Hashnode and locate the prominent blue «Write» button. Clicking this button will initiate the process of creating your team's blog.

Step 2: Define Your Domain

Select a domain for your blog, which can be a Hashnode or DevSop domain, or even a custom domain that you already own. For custom domain configuration, we provide a separate tutorial that guides you through the process. For now, we'll proceed with a subdomain. Check the availability of your chosen subdomain and proceed to create the blog.

Step 3: Customize Your Team Block

Once your blog is created, you'll be presented with its URL and a link to the dashboard. Utilize the «Next» button to customize the configuration of your newly created Team Block. This includes giving your blog an appropriate name, selecting a suitable color that aligns with your brand's identity, and choosing from a range of available page layouts, such as magazine, stacked, or grid.

Step 4: Finalize the Configuration

After completing the customization step, you've finished the initial configuration of your Team Block. The next button will guide you through the remaining setup process. Take this opportunity to review and refine your settings.

Managing Your Team Block

With your Team Block up and running, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the management capabilities at your disposal. The «Manage Block» section provides access to essential features, including member management.

Adding Members to Your Team Block

Invite additional team members to join your Team Block by assigning them the roles of editor or contributor. The role of «Editor» grants full access and editing privileges, while «Contributor» allows users to submit content for review and approval. To invite members, share the invite URL or adjust the roles and visibilities as needed. Remember, the user who initially created the Team Block assumes the role of «Owner.»

Publish with Ease

One of the standout advantages of Team Blocks is the flexibility they offer when choosing the blog to publish your content. You don't need to decide in advance; instead, follow your usual writing process and select the appropriate blog right before posting. This allows you to seamlessly switch between blogs and ensures a smooth publishing experience.

Unleash Your Team's Potential with Team Blocks

Team Blocks on Hashnode empower organizations to unlock their full potential by providing a cohesive platform for content creation and sharing. With streamlined setup and configuration, the ability to manage team members effectively, and the flexibility to publish content on different blogs, Team Blocks offer a powerful solution for collaborative content creation.


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