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How Intellum Used Crayon to Renew an At-Risk Customer

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Crayon: The Tool for Superior Competitive Intelligence

Empowering Teams with Crayon

At Crayon, we provide the tools and insights that enable businesses to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the competition. Our solutions are designed to surprise and delight, backed by a team of dedicated professionals that are celebrated as one of our greatest assets. With Crayon, you can enhance your business' differentiation and continue to deliver superior experiences that drive customer loyalty and high renewal rates.

Streamlining Sales Operations with Crayon

Sales teams operate in a fast-paced environment that requires quick, accurate, and accessible information. Crayon understands this need and provides solutions that make important data readily available, without the need for navigating multiple tools. Our platform integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, turning it into a source of truth and providing an efficient workflow that respects the value of time for sales and customer service teams.

Building Strong Relationships

One of the key successes of Crayon lies in our rapport with product marketing teams. We ensure open and effective communication, valuing honesty and directness. This allows us to adopt similar messaging and word choices that resonate with both potential and current buyers. Consistent messaging throughout the customer journey is crucial, and Crayon enables this consistency with ease.

Optimizing Time and Resources

Crayon’s tools are designed to help you do more with your time. By providing you with a platform that negates the need to reinvent the wheel, we ensure that you can focus on thinking critically about your business strategies. With Crayon, you no longer need to spend excessive time building information about different topics; it's all provided in our tool.

Providing Instant Gratification

Crayon is also designed to provide instant gratification. Our battle cards, for example, are organized consistently, making it easy to find the information you need without scouring through endless pages. This consistency and repeatability are highly valued, especially when it comes to one-to-many communication.

Strengthening Your Business with Crayon

Crayon is not just a tool; it is an integral part of your business. It facilitates industry conversations and helps you understand the market better. By being aware of what competitors are doing, businesses can make more informed decisions, thus making themselves better, faster, and stronger.


In the realm of competitive intelligence, Crayon is more than just a tool; it is a lifeline for businesses. It provides the insights and tools needed to stay ahead of the competition, while also ensuring that teams are equipped to work efficiently and effectively. With Crayon, businesses can confidently navigate their respective markets, ensuring growth and success.


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