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Streamline Email Management with Hiver: Enhance Gmail for Efficient Collaboration

Introduction: Simplify Email Management with Hiver B School

Welcome to Hiver B School, where we explore effective strategies for email management. In this lesson, we will dive into Hiver, a powerful tool that enhances Gmail with new features to streamline email workflows. With Hiver, you can revolutionize your email management process, access team inboxes seamlessly, collaborate effortlessly, and track email statuses with ease. Let's explore the key features of Hiver and how it can transform your email management experience.

Access Team Inboxes without Leaving Gmail

Hiver enables you to access team inboxes, such as, directly within your Gmail interface. Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between multiple platforms or forwarding emails to colleagues. With Hiver, you can manage all your team inboxes without leaving Gmail, ensuring a centralized and efficient email management process.

Effortless Collaboration with At-Mentions and Task Assignment

Collaboration is at the heart of productive teamwork. Hiver enhances Gmail's collaboration capabilities with features like at-mentions and task assignment. With at-mentions, you can effortlessly collaborate with your team by mentioning specific team members in email conversations, ensuring that they receive timely notifications and can actively participate in the discussion.

Moreover, Hiver allows you to convert emails into actionable tasks and assign them to team members directly from your Gmail interface. By transforming emails into tasks, you can effectively delegate responsibilities, track task statuses, and ensure seamless collaboration within your team.

The Power of Shared Inbox Sections

Shared inboxes are an invaluable feature offered by Hiver. When you click on a shared inbox in the Gmail left panel, you are presented with five default sections: Unassigned, Mine, Team, Pending, and Closed. These sections streamline email categorization based on their status, allowing for efficient organization and tracking.

  • Unassigned: When a new email arrives in the shared inbox, it is initially marked as «open» and appears in the Unassigned section. This section holds emails that are yet to be assigned to a specific team member.
  • Mine: Once an email is assigned to a team member while still in the «open» status, it moves to the Mine section. This section displays emails that have been assigned to you, ensuring clear visibility of your responsibilities.
  • Team: The Team section is where assigned and open emails are visible to the entire team. It provides a centralized view of emails that require collective attention and monitoring.
  • Pending: Emails that are set to the «pending» status appear in the Pending section. This section is particularly useful when emails require further actions or follow-ups before they can be considered closed.
  • Closed: Emails that have been marked as «closed» are stored in the Closed section. This section serves as an archive for resolved or completed emails, ensuring a clutter-free inbox.

Conclusion: Optimize Email Management with Hiver B School

Hiver B School equips you with the knowledge and tools to optimize your email management practices. By leveraging the power of Hiver, you can enhance Gmail with new features that streamline collaboration, task assignment, and email tracking. Access team inboxes seamlessly, collaborate effortlessly with at-mentions, and utilize the shared inbox sections to categorize and track email statuses effectively.



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