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Simplify Documentation with Guidde: A Visual Video First Approach


Guidde is a powerful tool that enables you to create visual video documentation for seamless sharing with your customers and team members. This article will explore how Guidde simplifies the process of creating visual documentation across any software platform. Let's take a closer look at Guidde's features and functionalities.

Easy Workflow Capture

Using Guidde in conjunction with Salesforce is straightforward. Simply install the Guidde browser extension, and with a single click, start capturing your workflow. As you navigate through Salesforce, performing actions like updating opportunities and assigning tasks, Guidde captures every step of your process.

Automated Visual Documentation

Once you click «Stop» on the recorder, Guidde automatically processes your recorded actions and transforms them into a comprehensive visual documentation. At the top of the document, you'll find a video showcasing each step you performed, with automatic transcription and highlighting. Additionally, Guidde combines the individual screenshots into a navigable document, ideal for sharing with customers.

Intuitive Editing and Customization

Guidde's editing capabilities are user-friendly and reminiscent of working with PowerPoint. You can effortlessly rearrange elements, add additional visual elements, and blur sensitive information within the frames. Moreover, Guidde allows you to introduce voiceovers, offering valuable context and instructions. You can either record your own voice or utilize text-to-speech functionality with various speaker options.

Seamless Sharing Options

Guidde offers multiple sharing options for your created videos. If you're using platforms like Notion for your standard operating procedures (SOPs), you can simply copy and paste the video document into Notion, allowing you to publish it directly. Alternatively, you can share the video with customers by providing a link or sharing it as a GIF, perfect for embedding in tickets or other communication channels.

Integration with Knowledge Bases

Guidde seamlessly integrates with popular knowledge base platforms like Zendesk Guide. By embedding the video documentation into your knowledge base articles, you provide users with step-by-step instructions supported by the hosted video and voiceover. This ensures a comprehensive and user-friendly experience for your customers.

Centralized Shared Library

All the videos created using Guidde are stored in a shared library. This centralized repository allows your team members to access and share their videos effortlessly. With all your documentation and standard procedures in one place, collaboration becomes seamless and efficient.


Guidde revolutionizes the way you create and share visual video documentation. Its intuitive workflow capture, automated visual documentation generation, editing and customization options, and versatile sharing capabilities make it an invaluable tool for businesses. By adopting a visual video first approach, Guidde simplifies the process of creating comprehensive documentation across any software platform.


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