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FormWise Prompt Chaining Tutorial Overview

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Advanced AI Prompt Training with FormWise: A Comprehensive Guide

Introducing FormWise

FormWise has taken generative AI to the next level with its unique prompt training feature. By utilizing multiple AI personalities, you can map form fields into AI prompts, taking user inputs and converting them into meaningful results. This feature adds a dynamic dimension to user interaction, delivering tailored responses based on the specifics of each user's query.

Enhancing the FormWise Experience: Step-by-Step Guide

Building Your Tool

The first step in leveraging FormWise's prompt training is to design your tool. Consider the data you want to collect from users. For instance, if you're building a wine and trip recommender tool, you might want to gather a user's full name, email, and destination.

Implementing AI Personalities

Once you've designed your tool, the next step is to run form submissions through various AI personalities. Each personality serves a unique function, contributing a different aspect to the overall user experience.

Consider the following steps for a wine and trip recommender tool:

  • Step One: Run the submission through a wine expert personality. This AI should recommend wines based on the destination the user is traveling to.
  • Step Two: The form is then passed onto an itinerary trip planner personality, which recommends things to do based on the destination.
  • Step Three: Finally, the form submission is processed by a food and wine recommender personality. This personality utilizes the wine recommendations from Step One to suggest potential food pairings.

Adding More Steps

The beauty of FormWise is that you can keep adding steps according to your needs. For example, an ingredient AI expert could be added to suggest recipes based on the food recommendations. This way, users can prepare their meals at home, creating a more immersive experience.

Publishing and Testing Your Tool

Once all steps are defined, publish your tool and test it from the user's perspective. Fill out the form and observe how the AI engine gathers and processes your responses. You can also decide whether you want to display each AI step's result, or whether you want to spend the first few steps «priming» the prompt — essentially, training it and refining the output AI response.

Leveraging User Submissions and Responses

FormWise provides a detailed overview of user submissions and the responses generated by each step. This way, you can understand the flow of information and make any necessary adjustments to enhance the tool's functionality.

Potential Use Cases and Applications

The possibilities with FormWise's prompt training feature are virtually endless. Beyond delivering personalized responses, FormWise can also send the data to a web hook, making it possible to integrate with other tools or systems. This could be useful for marketers who want to send data to Google Docs, HighLevel, and other platforms.

In conclusion, FormWise's prompt training offers a robust and flexible solution to leverage AI capabilities. Whether you are building a consumer-facing tool or internal applications, FormWise offers powerful features that can help you create a more refined and interactive user experience.



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