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Transforming Customer Experience with Forethought: A Success Story from Upwork


The value of a strong partnership with your technology provider cannot be understated. For Upwork, one such crucial partnership has been with Forethought, a leading name in the AI customer service field. This partnership is not solely based on the technology that Forethought provides, but also its vision and the value its people bring to the table. Upwork's Vice President of Customer Experience and Trust, Brandon Savage, shares his insights into this fruitful collaboration.

Choosing Forethought: More Than Just Technology

In the customer service landscape, Forethought has carved out a niche with its innovative technology solutions. But when Upwork was searching for a technology partner, it was more than just the superior tech that made Forethought stand out. It was their vision and the quality of their people. A shared dedication to delivering exceptional customer experiences made this partnership both possible and successful.

The Challenge: Unifying the Customer Support Journey

In today's interconnected digital world, customer support is more challenging than ever. Customers communicate across various platforms and interfaces, with agents globally distributed. This diverse ecosystem can create a fragmented customer support journey. For a large organization like Upwork, it was vital to have consistent, high-quality customer support responses across different platforms and systems.

The Solution: Seamless Integration with Forethought's AI

The solution to this complex issue came in the form of Forethought's AI-powered platform. Through its seamless integration into Upwork's existing systems, Forethought helped create a unified voice across different customer touchpoints. Agents, regardless of their location, were able to provide customers with a consistent, on-brand experience.

Results: Elevated Customer Experience

Thanks to Forethought, the customer experience at Upwork has seen significant improvements. With consistent answers and a unified brand voice across all support platforms, customers are assured of a high-quality, seamless service experience. The powerful AI capabilities of Forethought not only enable smoother operations but also contribute significantly to Upwork's customer satisfaction ratings.


In an era of complex customer service landscapes, the right technology partner can make all the difference. For Upwork, Forethought has been that partner. Through its innovative technology, aligned vision, and dedicated people, Forethought has helped Upwork deliver exceptional customer experiences consistently.



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