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Crayon and Gong Integration: Enhancing Competitive Intelligence and Sales Enablement

The Challenge of Competitive Intelligence

In the high-stakes world of sales, losing deals to unexpected competitors can be a significant setback. The aftermath often involves difficult questions directed at the competitive intelligence (CI) professionals: «How did this happen?» While a CI professional can't cover every base or listen to hundreds of hours of sales calls, there is a powerful tool that can help — the integration of Crayon and Gong.

Crayon and Gong: A Winning Combination

Crayon's integration with Gong unlocks a new level of competitive awareness for your sales team. This partnership brings two significant advantages that can revolutionize the way you handle competitive threats and sales enablement.

Weekly Snapshot for CROs

First, the integration allows your Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) to receive a weekly snapshot of the most mentioned competitors during sales calls. The report also includes insights on which Gong calls had the most competitive chatter and which representatives are encountering the competition most frequently. This information allows your CRO to identify critical areas to focus on and proactively enable your sellers.

Daily Personalized Emails for Reps

The second advantage is a daily personalized email sent to your representatives summarizing which competitors were mentioned during their previous day's calls. This email also directs them to the corresponding battle cards in Crayon, providing competitive intelligence directly into their inbox. This proactive approach drives awareness and activation, influencing their deals and promoting a more competitive sales strategy.

Tracking Usage and Measuring Influence

Crayon doesn't just provide valuable insights — it also tracks usage and measures the influenced revenue from your battle cards program. This data offers a clear view of how your CI team is influencing deals with relevant content and positioning.

Automation for Proactive Enablement

The integration of Crayon and Gong automates the process of identifying competitive threats and upcoming challenges being discussed during Gong calls. This automation helps you proactively enable your sales team, keeping them ahead of the competition.


Crayon and Gong integration is a game-changer for competitive intelligence and sales enablement. It offers a strategic advantage, providing timely competitive intelligence directly to those who need it most — your sales team. All it takes to leverage this powerful combination is to put your Gong admin in touch with the Crayon team, and we'll handle the rest.



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