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With xpression camera, become anyone or anything with a face using real-time facial expressions and head movements. Use it for video chats, live streams, and content creation

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About xpression camera

xpression camera is a virtual camera app that allows users to transform into anyone or anything with a face in real-time. Whether you want to change your appearance or your background, xpression camera enables you to redefine your onscreen persona on video chat or while live streaming.

Real-Time Facial Expressions

With xpression camera, users can reflect their facial expressions on any photo to create videos, GIFs, memes, and more. The app supports images from the web, camera roll, or social media, enabling users to become anything with a face, from pictures and paintings to stuffed animals and cartoons. Users have complete control over their persona with just one click.

Voice2Face Technology

xpression camera's Voice2Face technology lets users be off-camera while the app fully animates their image on screen. Users can pace or move around while on a video call and let their voice drive their image. The app generates a variety of animations that convey richer emotional expression with a single click of a button.

Content Creation Platform

xpression camera also functions as a creator platform, supporting an array of meme, GIF, cinematic, and social content generators, from image and video sourcing to creation. With professional tools, users can produce original content to share with friends, business associates, and followers.

Complete Privacy

xpression camera maintains complete privacy by changing the image on the screen, ensuring that users can use it without accidentally exposing their true identities online.

How It Works

Using xpression camera is easy. First, download the app on your laptop or desktop computer. Then, open your chosen video chat or live online streaming app, such as Zoom or Twitch, and select ┬źxpression camera┬╗ from your webcam settings. Finally, choose any image from the app and control the face of your digital persona in real-time according to your own expressions and head movements.


xpression camera is a powerful and innovative virtual camera app that enables users to transform their onscreen persona in real-time. With real-time facial expressions, Voice2Face technology, and complete privacy, users can use xpression camera for video chats, live streams, and content creation. Try it out today and transform yourself into anyone or anything with a face.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $84
  • $249


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