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Discover Superhuman, the fastest email experience ever. Save time, eliminate email anxiety, and boost productivity with advanced features and automation

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About Superhuman

Revolutionize Your Email Experience with Superhuman

Superhuman is transforming the way teams handle email, making it faster, more delightful, and stress-free. With advanced features designed to save time and eliminate email anxiety, Superhuman is the ultimate solution for a seamless email experience.

Double Your Email Speed with Superhuman

Experience the fastest email platform ever created, helping you fly through your inbox and respond to what matters most. Get back valuable hours every week with Superhuman's advanced automation and productivity features.

Automatically Triage Incoming Email

Email overload is a common problem, causing important messages to get buried beneath less urgent ones. With Superhuman's Split Inbox, you can focus on what needs your attention by separating emails from your team, VIPs, and frequently-used tools like Google Docs, Notion, and Asana.

Follow Up on Time, Every Time

Superhuman ensures you never drop the ball with timely follow-ups. Simply choose a reminder time when sending an email, and if you don't receive a response by then, Superhuman will remind you to follow up. Stay on top of crucial emails and maintain a professional reputation.

Save Hours Every Week with Snippets

Maximize your typing efficiency with Superhuman's Snippets feature. Automate phrases, paragraphs, or entire emails, and even include attachments or CC/BCC recipients. Speed up your email composition and save hours every week.

Snooze Emails for Later

Keep your inbox clutter-free with Superhuman's snooze feature. Choose when to be reminded about an email, and focus on what matters now without losing track of important messages.

Boost Team Productivity and Collaboration

Superhuman is built for teams using Gmail or Outlook, offering tools that enhance communication and collaboration.

See When People Read Your Email

With read statuses, see when people read your emails and on which device. Use this information to craft the perfect follow-up message and improve communication.

Share Read Statuses Across Your Team

Superhuman's team read statuses allow you to see when people read emails sent by your teammates, even if you were not the sender. Improve collaboration and work handoff with shared insights.

Avoid Collisions with Your Team

Superhuman shows when your teammates are replying to emails, helping you avoid overlapping responses and maintain a polished team image.

Enhance Relationship Building and Scheduling

Superhuman goes beyond email management, providing insights and tools to help you be brilliant with people and manage your calendar more efficiently.

Social Insights from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

Get to know your contacts better with social insights integrated into your workflow. Find common interests, icebreakers, and reasons to reconnect, all while growing your network.

Check Your Calendar Without Losing Flow

Superhuman displays your calendar when scheduling events, automatically updating your email with suggested dates. Schedule meetings and appointments at the speed of thought.

Schedule Events Right from Your Email

Create calendar events directly within Superhuman using a keyboard-driven, fast, and fun interface. Save time and enjoy a seamless scheduling experience.


Superhuman is revolutionizing the email experience, making it faster, more enjoyable, and stress-free. With advanced features and automation, Superhuman helps users save time, eliminate email anxiety, and boost productivity. Experience theĀ future of email management with Superhuman, and enjoy the benefits of enhanced team collaboration, relationship building, and efficient scheduling. Upgrade your email experience today and witness the transformative impact Superhuman can have on your professional life.

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Pricing options

  • $30


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