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Generate high-quality email lists from competitors' social media followers with Stride, an AI-driven software offering affordable, accurate, and updated leads

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About Stride

Stride: AI-Powered Email Lead Generation from Competitors' Social Media Followers

In the digital age, capturing high-quality leads is vital for any business's growth and success. Stride, an AI-driven software, helps you generate email lists from your competitors' social media followers, providing you with a targeted audience interested in your niche.

Unlimited, Affordable, and Accurate Email Lists

Stride's advanced AI software produces high-quality email lists with a higher success rate for clients. The platform offers unlimited, regularly updated emails at an affordable price, ensuring maximum value for your investment.

Browse the Stride Email Marketplace

The Stride Email Marketplace offers custom email lists generated from the followers of specific Twitter profiles, including your competitors. With AI-driven email generation and CSV delivery, you can easily reach your target audience with accurate and high-quality email lists.

Marketplace vs. Scanner Tool

The Marketplace provides instant delivery of email lists from current followers, while the Scanner Tool captures emails from new followers in real-time. This allows businesses to choose between immediate access to large email lists or fresh, up-to-date leads.

Leverage Stride Emails for Various Marketing Strategies

Stride's email lists can be used for a variety of marketing purposes, including affiliate marketing and ad campaign growth. By uploading email lists directly into Google Ads or Facebook Ads, you can create custom audiences of targeted individuals, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Advanced AI Technology for Trustworthy Data

Stride's AI technology scans social media platforms daily to identify new followers and find their email addresses. By using methods such as behavioral analysis, IP address analysis, and content analysis, Stride filters out bot accounts, ensuring the accuracy and trustworthiness of your data.

Real-Time Email Capture with the Scanner Tool

The Scanner Tool captures email addresses of new followers as they start following your targeted profile. This real-time email capture enables businesses to access the most relevant and up-to-date leads.

AI-Powered Marketplace for Large Email Lists

The Marketplace generates large email lists from the current followers of a social media page, providing businesses with instant access to a substantial pool of potential leads.

Seamless Integration with Advertising Platforms

Stride's email lists can be easily imported into various advertising platforms, such as Facebook Custom Audience, Google Customer Match, Twitter Custom Audiences, and LinkedIn Contact Targeting, ensuring a seamless marketing experience.

In Conclusion: Boost Your Business with Stride

Stride offers an innovative solution to email lead generation, utilizing AI technology to scan competitors' social media followers and generate accurate, high-quality email lists. By choosing between instant access to large email lists through the Marketplace or capturing new follower emails in real-time with the Scanner Tool, businesses can tailor their lead generation strategy to their specific needs.

Invest in Stride today to outpace your competition, enhance your marketing efforts, and drive conversions with targeted, AI-powered email lead generation.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $14.99


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