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Discover and dive into podcasts like never before with Steno. With real-time AI transcription, search and engage with your favorite audio content effortlessly

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Steno: Changing the Podcast Landscape with AI Transcription

Podcasts are the ultimate information gateway, providing audio content spanning various genres and topics. But searching for specific content within them can be a challenge. Here's where Steno steps in. An AI-powered podcast transcription and discovery platform, Steno transforms the way you engage with your favorite podcasts.

Introducing Steno: The Power of Transcription

AI-Powered Precision

Steno employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence to transcribe podcasts with remarkable accuracy. Whether you're a casual listener or a podcast enthusiast, Steno's capabilities make it easier than ever to search for specific topics and phrases within the vast world of podcasts.

Read as You Listen

Steno provides real-time transcriptions, allowing users to read along while listening to a podcast. This feature enhances the understanding and accessibility of the podcast content, making Steno a game-changer in the podcast space.

What Sets Steno Apart

Comprehensive Content Discovery

Beyond transcriptions, Steno is a podcast discovery powerhouse. Offering a comprehensive list of featured podcasts, episodes, and related news articles, Steno streamlines podcast discovery and ensures you never miss content aligned with your interests.

Connecting the Podcast Community

In addition to its transcription and discovery features, Steno fosters an interactive community. Users can log in, create an account, and engage with fellow podcast listeners through Steno's Discord community, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok accounts.

Utilizing Steno: Applications and Benefits

A Tool for Everyone

Steno is more than a platform for podcast enthusiasts. For academics, journalists, and researchers, Steno provides an efficient way to mine the wealth of information contained in podcasts. By transcribing and indexing podcast content, it enables easier referencing and information extraction.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Steno’s real-time transcription feature also promotes accessibility, making podcast content available to those with hearing impairments or individuals who prefer reading over listening.

Conclusion: The Future of Podcast Engagement with Steno

With its AI-powered transcription capabilities and discovery features, Steno is more than a podcast platform—it's a revolution in the world of audio content. Its commitment to improving content accessibility and its role in fostering an engaging podcast community sets it apart.

Whether you're an academic searching for relevant podcast content for your research, or a casual listener trying to keep up with your favorite podcasts, Steno is the tool you need. Dive into the world of podcasts, discover, reference, and read along as you listen, with Steno.

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