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Create personalized, interactive brand experiences with Soul Machines' AI-powered Digital People and GPT technology integration

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About Soul Machines

Transform Your Brand with Soul Machines' AI-Powered Digital People

Discover Soul Machines, a pioneering technology company that creates interactive, autonomous animations with generative AI. Revolutionize your brand experience using the latest AI innovations like ChatGPT and hyper-realistic digital people.

Introducing GPT-Integrated Digital Influencers

Soul Machines now integrates GPT technology, enabling digital influencers to engage with audiences in a more personal and scalable way. These digital celebrities can interact with fans across various digital platforms and speak multiple languages.

The Power of Soul Machines' Creator Tools

Digital DNA Studio

The Digital DNA Studio offers a suite of AI creative tools to design, customize, and deploy lifelike, autonomously animated digital people. Empower your brand with the ultimate generative experience and create personalized content.

Endless Possibilities with Soul Machines' Platform

With Digital DNA Studio, creators can design and deploy digital people as brand ambassadors, customer assistants, or digital concierges. The potential applications are limitless, resulting in magical digital experiences.

Digital DNA Creator Studio Features

  • Blender: Customize facial features
  • Hair, Clothing, and Makeup: Choose from various options
  • Voice: Multiple NLP options supported
  • Personality: Configure and refine
  • Gestures: Personalize with multiple gesture options
  • Conversation: Leverage Google DialogFlow, IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure Bot Service, Amazon LEX, OpenAI GPT integration, or others
  • Deployment: Deploy across digital platforms or export to video for social sharing

Soul Academy and Creator Community

Soul Machines offers the Soul Academy, an all-in-one platform providing on-demand knowledge for creating and launching Digital People. Join the Creator Community to exchange ideas, share content, and collaborate with other creators, designers, and developers.


Soul Machines revolutionizes brand experiences with AI-powered Digital People and GPT technology integration. Create lifelike, engaging content for marketing, customer support, and brand representation with unparalleled ease. Harness the power of Soul Machines and elevate your brand's digital presence today!

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Pricing options

  • $399


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