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Shakespeare AI is a dynamic toolbar offering AI copywriting, summarization, rephrasing, and more to optimize writing and communication for all users

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About Shakespeare AI

Introduction to Shakespeare AI

Immerse yourself in the power of AI with Shakespeare AI, an all-in-one AI toolbar designed to enhance your writing experience. This tool allows you to write smarter, faster, and achieve more in less time. With features like summarization, rephrasing, and a vast library of AI copywriting prompts, Shakespeare AI is a powerful assistant that's just one click away.

Shakespeare AI: Your Personal AI Assistant

Unlike other AI tools, Shakespeare AI's toolbar is available wherever you are, empowering you to communicate effectively and confidently. Whether you're drafting a work email, creating a blog post, or writing an academic paper, Shakespeare AI provides a seamless experience, ensuring you don’t lose focus by having to switch tabs or platforms.

The Features of Shakespeare AI

Rephrase: Enhance Readability and Variety

English might not be your first language, or perhaps you're seeking to inject more variety into your text. Shakespeare AI's rephrase feature allows you to enhance any sentence or paragraph’s readability and variety. It also corrects any grammar and spelling errors, ensuring your content maintains a professional tone.

Summarize: Efficient Digest of Information

Shakespeare AI allows you to condense long blogs, emails, and documents into succinct summaries with a single click. This feature is perfect for sharing information with colleagues or friends who might not have the time to read through lengthy text.

Simplify: Quick Summaries with Bullet Points

In need of a quick TLDR? Shakespeare AI can simplify any text length into a swift summary, providing you with the most important bullet points at a glance.

Friendly/Polite Answers: Quick and Effortless Communication

Whether you're in customer support or just managing lots of emails, responding politely under time pressure can be challenging. Shakespeare AI's «Friendly Mode» helps you craft quick, polite, and friendly responses.

AI-Prompts: Your AI Assistant on the Go

With Shakespeare AI, there's no need to switch to another platform for AI prompts. Use them directly in your usual writing space, streamlining your process, and saving time.

Shakespeare AI's Accessibility

Shakespeare AI’s Chrome extension allows you to utilize its toolbar on any site, expanding its usability beyond a dedicated platform. If you prefer a dedicated space, you can use the Shakespeare AI-Text Editor, which houses all the functionalities of the Shakespeare Toolbar.

Shakespeare AI: A Tool for All

Designed to serve everyone — from marketers and entrepreneurs to copywriters, social content creators, SEO agencies, and students — Shakespeare AI requires no professional or coding skills. Its ability to produce professional-sounding copy in a fraction of the time it would take for a human has earned it a 5/5-star rating from users.


In the fast-paced world of content creation, Shakespeare AI is a game-changer. It brings the power of AI to your fingertips, helping you craft world-class copy efficiently. By offering rephrasing, summarization, friendly answers, and AI-prompts, it makes content creation less daunting and more engaging. Leverage the power of Shakespeare AI to revolutionize your writing process and transform your content creation journey.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $19


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