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Ready Player Me

Create and customize lifelike 3D avatars with Ready Player Me, and explore the metaverse with one consistent identity

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About Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me: The Ultimate Cross-Game Avatar Platform for the Metaverse

Discover Ready Player Me, a platform designed for creating and customizing 3D avatars, allowing users to explore the metaverse with a single, consistent identity.

Create Your Avatar with Ease

Custom Avatars from a Selfie

Generate your custom VRChat avatar with a simple selfie. Choose from hundreds of customization options to create an avatar that truly represents you.

Own Your Look with NFTs

Purchase limited NFTs for your avatar and trade or sell them on the marketplace of your choice.

Export Your Avatar to Thousands of Apps and Games

Use your Ready Player Me avatar in over 9,750 supported apps and games, unlocking endless possibilities within the metaverse.

For Developers: Integrate Ready Player Me Seamlessly

Comprehensive Avatar Solution

Integrate Ready Player Me into your Unity, Unreal, or Web-based app or game. Deploy on mobile, desktop, web, and VR/AR platforms with ease.

Save Time and Monetize

Benefit from a perfect avatar system developed over seven years, saving time and generating additional revenue by selling premium avatar assets and skins to users.

Fast, Free Integration

Choose and test your integration method with support for Unity, Unreal, React Native, and more. Sign up as a Developer, integrate into your application, and launch avatars in your app or game.

Customize the Avatar Creator to Fit Your Needs

Select Your Theme and Outfits

Pick between light and dark themes for the avatar creator, and choose from over 200 outfit options that align with your app's visual style.

Half-Body or Full-Body Avatars

Opt for half-body avatars for VR or full-body avatars based on your specific use case.

Optimized for Your App or Game

Avatar API and LODs

Modify avatar configurations based on your needs, and choose the level of detail (LOD) for textures, mesh, and atlasing.

Cache Avatars and Use in 2D

Cache Ready Player Me avatars during runtime, save loading time, and use avatars as 2D images for leaderboards or user profiles.

Experience Ready Player Me and immerse yourself in the metaverse with a unique, customizable avatar that truly represents you. Explore virtual worlds and own your look with the ultimate cross-game avatar platform.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $0.16


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