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Transform yourself into a digital avatar with In3D. Export your 3D model to any environment and personalize your gaming, app, or metaverse experience

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About In3D

Discover the power of In3D, a revolutionary app that turns people into realistic and customizable 3D avatars using just a phone camera. Experience the future of digital interaction, gaming, and virtual reality with In3D's seamless avatar integration and personalization features.

Fast and Easy Avatar Creation with In3D

Creating a realistic 3D avatar has never been easier. With In3D, all you need is a video selfie, and the app will generate a fully rigged 3D model within a minute. No 3D design experience or expensive equipment is necessary — just your phone camera.

Explore the Quality and Export Formats

In3D offers multiple export formats for your 3D model, including FBX, GLB, and USDZ, ensuring compatibility with Blender, Character Creator, Unity, Unreal Engine, CLO 3D, and other 3D software. Additionally, In3D enables simple export of your avatar directly to MetaHuman.

Personalize Your User Experience

In3D's app offers various features to personalize your avatar experience. Virtually try on clothes, animate your avatar, experience augmented reality, see cartoons with your avatar, or even export your character to VRChat or GTA V. Share your avatar with friends, allowing them to interact with your digital double on their devices.

Integrate In3D Avatars into Your Product

With SDKs for Unreal Engine and Unity, integrating In3D avatars into your product or environment is a breeze. Just copy and paste your avatar from the app into your preferred platform, and you're ready to go.

Unleash Your Creativity with In3D

Whether you're creating videos, games, or exploring virtual reality, In3D's realistic 3D avatars open up a world of possibilities. Don't miss out on this cutting-edge technology — download the In3D app today and start transforming your digital experiences.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $19.99


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