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Quicklines offers AI-powered personalized lines for cold outreach campaigns, boosting reply rates and scaling your efforts with ease

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About Quicklines

Transform Your Cold Outreach with Quicklines

Elevate your cold email campaigns with Quicklines, an AI-powered assistant designed to create personalized, attention-grabbing first lines for your outreach efforts. With a one-time fee of $59 and lifetime access, Quicklines offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for scaling your campaigns.

Scrape Personalized Info with Ease

Quicklines pulls relevant data from your prospect's LinkedIn account, ensuring the information used in your emails is both accurate and engaging. Leverage this in-depth social scraping feature to create tailored messages that resonate with your target audience.

AI-Powered First Lines for Better Engagement

Utilizing proprietary AI technology, Quicklines crafts natural, authentic first lines that capture your prospect's attention and increase reply rates. With Quicklines, you can fill your pipeline faster and more effectively than ever before.

Enjoy a 400% Increase in Replies

Over 1,000 businesses have already experienced the power of Quicklines, generating significant interest from their cold outreach campaigns. Improve your response rates and watch your business thrive with this cutting-edge AI tool.

The Quicklines Advantage

Quicklines offers a range of benefits that set it apart from traditional cold outreach methods:

  • 40x Faster: Accelerate your cold outreach campaigns without sacrificing quality.
  • 8x More Replies: Enjoy an impressive increase in positive responses to your emails.
  • 6x Cheaper: Save money by choosing Quicklines over hiring additional personnel.

How Quicklines Works

Transform your cold outreach efforts in three simple steps:

  1. Claim Your Lifetime Discount: Pay once for lifetime access to Quicklines and receive 300 credits per month, forever.
  2. Upload Your Outreach Lists: Add LinkedIn URLs or upload a CSV file to provide the necessary information for personalized first lines.
  3. Get Personalized First Lines: Scale your outreach and achieve faster results with AI-generated first lines.

Quicklines: Your AI-Powered Cold Outreach Solution

Quicklines uses LinkedIn profile URLs to write personalized first lines for your contacts. The AI assistant requires no post-editing, boasting a 90%+ success rate on ready-to-send first lines. Single lines are processed in under 60 seconds, while complete CSV uploads take between 5-10 minutes to complete.


Quicklines is the ultimate AI-powered solution for creating personalized cold emails that drive higher engagement and reply rates. With its innovative social scraping feature and intelligent first-line writing capabilities, Quicklines makes scaling your cold outreach campaigns both efficient and cost-effective. Experience the power of AI-driven cold email marketing and watch your business grow with Quicklines.

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Pricing options

  • $59


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