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Create stunning 3D textures with Poly's AI-powered online editor. Access an unlimited library, version control, and seamless integration with your favorite tools

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About Poly

Poly is a revolutionary online platform for creating high-quality, AI-generated 3D textures and materials in seconds. Streamline your design process with its intuitive interface, unlimited library, and seamless integration with popular design tools.

Generate 3D Design Assets with AI

Poly's proprietary AI technology allows you to generate customizable, high-resolution, commercially-licensed 3D textures with physical-based rendering maps. Save time and effort while maintaining complete creative control over your assets.

Infinite Library and Unlimited Generations

Forget about limitations — Poly offers unlimited cloud material storage and texture generations. Build your asset library and access your creations anytime, anywhere.

Version Control and Organization

Keep track of your work with version control, allowing you to revert to previous prompts or settings for any asset. Save your assets into collections for easy organization and retrieval.

Collaboration and Integration

Poly encourages team collaboration by enabling you to generate, share, review, and edit assets with your team members. Plus, its plugin compatibility ensures a smooth workflow with all your favorite design tools.

Advanced Features for Perfect Results

Achieve the perfect look with up to 8 colors in your palette, style matching for consistency with existing assets, and additional asset types like icons and illustrations.

Embrace the future of design with Poly's AI-powered 3D texture generation platform. Unlock your creative potential and enhance your workflow today.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $10


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