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Enhance your coding and collaboration with Lightly, the next-generation AI-powered cloud IDE, supporting 10+ programming languages and zero setup

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About Lightly

Lightly: The AI-Powered Cloud IDE for the Modern Developer

Lightly is a next-generation cloud IDE powered by AI, designed to revolutionize the coding experience. With support for multiple programming languages and a seamless collaborative environment, Lightly enables developers to focus on their creativity and ideas while the AI assistant takes care of the rest.

Zero Setup for a Hassle-Free Experience

With Lightly, there's no need for any environment setup. Simply open your browser and start coding in one of the 10+ supported programming languages. Lightly's zero-setup approach allows developers to code anytime, anywhere, and even on an iPad.

Enhanced Development Capabilities

Lightly offers support for databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Redis, providing a comprehensive development experience right in your browser. Now you can effortlessly work on any project without worrying about setting up the perfect development environment.

Focus on Coding, Leave the Rest to Lightly

Lightly can deploy and host your projects without the need to manage infrastructures. The platform provides project images to help you efficiently deploy on AWS, Azure, GCP, or any other cloud provider.

Real-Time Collaboration for Seamless Teamwork

Share your code and collaborate in real-time with Lightly. Engage in debug sessions and pair programming with your teammates to make teamwork more efficient than ever before.

Lightly IDE Features

Lightly is a feature-rich cloud IDE with a powerful set of tools and capabilities.

Zero Setup

Lightly automatically detects the programming language and builds the corresponding environment, so you can start coding immediately.

IntelliSense Support

Lightly's IntelliSense offers syntax highlighting, syntax error detection, smart tips, and code completion for a smoother coding experience.

Cloud Storage and Sync

All project files and resources are stored and synced on the cloud, with real-time updates to keep everyone on the same page.

Team Collaboration

Invite multiple team members to collaborate in Lightly, allowing for efficient coding, debugging, and development of projects together.

Conclusion: Unleash Your Coding Potential with Lightly

Lightly's AI-powered cloud IDE offers developers a powerful, flexible, and collaborative environment for their projects. With zero setup, enhanced development capabilities, and seamless teamwork features, Lightly is the ultimate choice for modern developers. Experience the future of coding with Lightly today!

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Pricing options

  • $9
  • $16
  • $48
  • $98


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