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Experience PlayHT, your AI-powered Text to Speech tool. Convert text to lifelike speech with 907 AI voices across 142 languages. Download as MP3 or WAV

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About PlayHT

PlayHT: Next-Gen AI Text to Voice Generator and Audio Editor

The realm of Artificial Intelligence has opened up new possibilities across numerous fields, and the domain of voiceovers and audio content is no exception. PlayHT stands as an exemplar with its AI-powered Text to Voice Generator, ushering in a new era of audio content creation.

Revolutionizing Content Generation

PlayHT uses AI technology to convert text into speech, achieving natural-sounding and human-like intonation. This exceptional tool instantly converts written content into realistic speech, downloadable as MP3 or WAV audio files.

Diverse Use Cases of PlayHT


PlayHT brings professional, clear, and consistent voices to the table, making it an ideal tool for creating marketing, explainer, product, and YouTube videos.


Its AI voices are capable of pronouncing terminologies and acronyms accurately, making PlayHT an excellent resource for creating e-learning materials.

API Integration

PlayHT's API allows developers to integrate human-like voices into devices and applications, enhancing the user experience.

IVR Systems

Incorporate PlayHT's professional voices into your IVR and telephony systems for better customer interaction.

Audio Articles

PlayHT enables you to embed SEO-friendly audio widgets on your websites, enhancing accessibility and user engagement.

A Global Library of AI Voices

PlayHT houses a growing library of 907 AI voices across 142 languages and accents, all capable of generating human-like intonation thanks to advanced machine learning technology.

Why Choose PlayHT?


PlayHT focuses on user needs and feedback, a philosophy that reflects in its evolving roadmap.

Open Culture

With a culture of openness, PlayHT shares developments with its private Facebook community group before release.


PlayHT is recognized and trusted by some of the best tech communities and reputable sources, including Harvard University and Product Hunt.

Free Previews

PlayHT allows unlimited free previews without consuming your word credit, a feature unique to the platform.

Thousands of Integrations

With the upcoming Zapier integration, PlayHT will offer connections across thousands of applications, enhancing its versatility.

A Powerful Text to Audio Online Editor

PlayHT is more than just a text to voice generator; it’s a comprehensive online editor. Users can enhance the audio with expressive speaking styles, voice inflections, custom pronunciations, and more. The Multi-Voice feature even enables conversation-like voiceovers by using different voices in the same audio file.

Safe, Collaborative, and Rights-Inclusive

PlayHT securely stores synthesized audio files in the cloud and offers team access for collaborative audio creation. Furthermore, PlayHT guarantees commercial and broadcast rights for all generated speech files.

Accessibility, Distribution, and Compliance

PlayHT extends its functionalities by enabling the embedding of text to speech readers in articles, blogs, e-learning, and websites. It even offers a podcasting solution to increase content reach and brand presence.


In an age where accessibility, engagement, and quality matter more than ever, PlayHT stands as an invaluable tool for content creators, educators, businesses, and developers. With its advanced AI technology and robust features, PlayHT not only revolutionizes text to speech synthesis but also redefines how we approach and create audio content. Try PlayHT today and join the future of audio content creation.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $29.25
  • $49.50


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