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Discover Pixis, a purpose-built AI solution for marketing growth. Scale campaign results, optimize targeting, augment creatives, and maximize ROAS

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About Pixis

Supercharge Your Marketing with Pixis' AI Infrastructure

In today's digital age, staying competitive means staying ahead. With Pixis, a purpose-built AI solution for marketing growth, companies can leverage cutting-edge technologies to scale their marketing campaigns, enhance performance goals, and ultimately achieve a greater return on investment.

Unlock the Power of AI for Your Marketing

Pixis brings the promise of artificial intelligence into reality by providing an infrastructure that seamlessly blends with your marketing activities. It features codeless AI solutions, enabling businesses to leverage its power without needing complex programming skills.

Significant Marketing Performance Improvements

Pixis users have experienced average reductions in customer acquisition cost (CAC) by 33%, coupled with a 30% increase in social click-through rate (CTR). These improvements are attributed to Pixis' ability to refine and expand audience targeting, ultimately resulting in higher conversion rates and boosted ROI.

Introducing Pixis' Three Pillars of AI Infrastructure

Pixis' AI infrastructure stands on three fundamental pillars that work in harmony to ensure optimal performance: Targeting AI, Creative AI, and Performance AI.

Targeting AI

Pixis' Targeting AI harnesses the power of neural networks to provide dynamic, real-time audience identification and expansion based on brand engagement, user behavior, and market trends. The AI's ability to identify new cohorts and scale proven ones ensures continuous growth for your business.

Creative AI

The Creative AI pillar enhances the creative aspect of your marketing campaign. With AI models that generate persona-specific creative content across platforms, businesses can produce high-fidelity video and static assets, reducing creative turnaround time.

Performance AI

Lastly, Performance AI stabilizes customer acquisition costs and maximizes return on ad spend (ROAS) by making intelligent decisions across marketing channels. This includes automated bid and budget pacing and predictive modeling to counter short-term market fluctuations and seasonality effects.

Customizing Your AI Experience with Pixis

Pixis' infrastructure is designed to be easily activated and fully customizable, allowing businesses to modify and tailor their AI models to their specific needs and goals. From high-intent audience identification to AI-powered audience segmentation, Pixis offers a full suite of AI solutions for every aspect of your marketing campaign.


In conclusion, Pixis is the AI-powered solution businesses need to remain competitive in today's fast-paced digital marketing landscape. By blending advanced AI technology with codeless implementation, Pixis allows businesses to supercharge their marketing campaigns, optimize targeting, augment creative assets, and maximize ROAS, ensuring growth and success.

Pixis' seamless integration, significant performance improvements, and comprehensive AI solutions make it an invaluable tool in the marketing arsenal. If you're ready to leverage AI for your marketing growth, then Pixis is the smart choice for you.

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