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Deploy advanced generative AI for text, audio, and video processing in your product. Optimize your business with Oneai's versatile, multilingual, and developer-friendly API

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About Oneai

Harness the Potential of Oneai's Generative AI

Businesses across various industries are continually seeking innovative solutions to streamline their operations and improve efficiency. Oneai's Generative AI offers cutting-edge natural language processing, audio intelligence, and multilingual capabilities that can be seamlessly integrated into your product or service.

Rapid Deployment for Your Business Needs

Oneai's API allows you to deploy the world's best Language AI in your product within days. Select from their extensive library, fine-tune, or build your own capabilities to analyze and process text, audio, and video at scale.

Multilingual Support and Customizable AI Skills

With the majority of the world's population speaking languages other than English, Oneai's multilingual capabilities ensure that your product caters to a diverse global audience. Their API offers stackable, composable NLP building blocks for creating customizable Language AI solutions tailored to your unique business requirements.

Developer-Friendly and Scalable

Oneai's Generative AI is designed to simplify the development process with a universal API that supports multiple AI skills in a single call, unlimited input size, and multi-medium support for text, audio, and video. Additionally, the API can be hosted on your private cloud, ensuring 100% control over your data and privacy.

Wide Range of Use Cases and Industries

Oneai's Generative AI finds applications across various industries, including CRM, e-commerce, customer service, publishing, podcast & video platforms, sales-tech, and chatbots. With its versatile Language Skills, businesses can build powerful analytics based on millions of text, audio, and video items, process audio and video into structured data, and implement large-scale language analytics.


Oneai's Generative AI is a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses to process text, audio, and video efficiently. Its developer-friendly, multilingual, and customizable capabilities make it an invaluable tool for businesses looking to integrate advanced AI into their products and services. Leverage the power of Oneai to unlock the full potential of generative AI for your business today.

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Pricing options

  • $29
  • $800
  • $2500


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