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Discover Metabob, a generative AI platform for debugging and refactoring code. It detects, explains, and resolves coding issues with proprietary tech

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About Metabob

Metabob: Revolutionizing Code Debugging and Refactoring with AI

In an era where technology is at the heart of virtually everything we do, it is imperative to ensure the reliability and efficiency of the software we create. Enter Metabob, a cutting-edge platform leveraging generative AI to redefine code debugging and refactoring.

Unparalleled AI Capabilities

Metabob brings together the power of Graph Neutral Networks (GNNs) and Large Language Models (LLMs) to create a comprehensive tool for code analysis. GNNs, equipped with an attention mechanism, capture both semantic and relational nuances in your code for a holistic understanding of the context.

On the other hand, LLMs, with their billions of parameters, can predict the most likely token to follow a given input. By integrating GNN and LLM, Metabob detects, classifies, and explains problematic code with contextual sensitivity.

Advanced AI Static Code Analysis

Traditional static code analysis tools often fail to detect context-based problems. Metabob's AI, trained on millions of bug fixes by experienced developers, can identify hundreds of logical issues — from race conditions to unhandled edge cases. As a result, you can enhance code quality, reliability, and software security before you merge.

Ensuring Software Security

In the pursuit of complying with industry standards for software security, Metabob helps to identify known security vulnerabilities before merging. Whether it's SANS/CWE top 25, OWASP top 10, or MITRE CWE, Metabob aids in maintaining compliance and boasts a minimal false positive rate.

Autofix and Refactoring

Automatically generated code fix recommendations from Metabob enable faster debugging. The platform's refactoring recommendations facilitate adherence to code quality and best practices. This capability reduces the accrual of technical debt and optimizes Line of Code (LOC) performance.

Comprehensive Project Metrics

Metabob's project metrics provide actionable insights into your project's code quality and reliability. You can get a clear overview of your team's productivity, identify the most frequent problems in your codebase, and estimate the time required to complete tasks.

On-prem Deployment and Customization

Metabob offers on-prem deployment on your organization's private cloud. This feature allows for customization to detect problems most relevant to your team, thus increasing developer productivity and enhancing the detection rate of critical errors.

A Must-Have Tool for Developers

For developers, Metabob provides real-time analysis of your code right on your Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It detects coding errors and suggests improvements before the code advances to the next development stage. With a user-friendly VSCode plugin and a CLI tool for any environment, Metabob integrates seamlessly into your existing development setup.


In essence, Metabob transcends the capabilities of traditional static code analysis tools. It uses generative AI to enhance code review, improve software security, and elevate developer productivity. By identifying errors early in the development process, it assists developers in learning the root causes of software bugs and vulnerabilities.

Whether you're looking to enhance code quality, improve maintainability, or get valuable insights into your development productivity, Metabob has you covered. With its sophisticated tech stack and user-centric design, Metabob is truly paving the way for the future of code debugging and refactoring.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $20


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