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Create photorealistic 3D models & scenes effortlessly with Luma AI. Capture stunning assets with your iPhone & bring them to life in game engines or online

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About Luma AI

Luma AI brings the future of VFX and 3D capture to everyone with its groundbreaking technology. Learn about its features, benefits, and areas of application that make creating lifelike 3D models and scenes effortless for users.

Unmatched Photorealism and Detail

Luma AI's technology enables users to capture intricate details, reflections, and lighting in their 3D models, producing stunningly lifelike results.

Effortless 3D Capture with Your iPhone

Capture 3D scenes, objects, and landscapes using only an iPhone 11 or newer, without the need for additional equipment or LIDAR technology.

Versatile Applications for Users

3D Scenes from Video

Luma AI allows users to create 3D scenes from video content, expanding the possibilities for immersive storytelling and visual experiences.

Photorealistic Game Assets

Easily capture high-quality game assets with your iPhone and export them to your preferred game engine, such as Blender or Unity.

3D Models from Text (Imagine Feature)

Luma AI's upcoming Imagine feature will enable users to create 3D models directly from text prompts, further simplifying the 3D creation process.

Share and Showcase Your Creations

Luma AI makes sharing your 3D captures a breeze, allowing you to bring people into your world and showcase products on your website with true-to-life 3D visuals.

Unlock the potential of lifelike 3D capture and modeling with Luma AI. Effortlessly create stunning visuals for your projects, games, or online presence using only your iPhone. Experience the future of VFX and 3D modeling with Luma AI, and let your imagination soar.

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Pricing options

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