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Improve your eCommerce marketing decisions using Lebesgue's AI-powered analytics tool. Optimize ads, perform competitive analysis, and maximize ROI

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About Lebesgue

Lebesgue: Supercharge Your eCommerce Marketing with AI-Powered Analytics

Unlock the full potential of your eCommerce marketing with Lebesgue, an AI-driven analytics tool designed to improve your marketing decisions and boost your return on investment (ROI).

Identify and Fix Critical Mistakes

Connect your Google, Facebook, and Instagram Ads to Lebesgue and instantly uncover critical errors impacting your growth. Receive step-by-step recommendations and resolve issues faster and easier than ever.

Benchmark Your Facebook and Google Ads

Compare your Facebook and Google Ads results against 4,500 different eCommerce businesses and monitor real-time industry benchmark changes. Focus on enhancing your weakest metric, optimize your checkout funnel, and learn about the performance of various campaign types.

Market Research & Competitive Analysis

Stay current with market trends and gain actionable insights by benchmarking your key metrics and uncovering your competitors' marketing strategies. Lebesgue ensures you remain up-to-date and know where to concentrate your efforts.

Maximize Your Business Profitability

Measure and predict your customer LTV, discover your best-performing marketing channels with UTM parameters, determine your optimal customer acquisition cost, and keep an eye on all aspects of your Shopify store.

AI Copywriter: Create High-Converting Facebook Ad Copy

Craft high-converting Facebook ad copy tailored to your brand voice using Lebesgue's AI Copywriter. Maximize your ad campaigns with the LTV-based product selection feature, ensuring a data-driven approach to ad creation.

Competitors Intelligence: Stay Ahead of the Competition

Monitor your top competitors' brand awareness and growth on social networks and analyze their Facebook and Google Ads strategies to identify new opportunities for your own campaigns.

Advertising Audit: Uncover and Resolve Setup Mistakes

Evaluate your current ad account setup and receive actionable insights on how to fix critical mistakes affecting your Google and Facebook campaign performance.

Market Intelligence: Track and Optimize Key Metrics

Centralize key marketing metrics and real-time benchmarks for eCommerce businesses and discover opportunities for improvement. Forecast advertising prices and allocate your budget to maximize ROI.

LTV Analysis: Drive Growth with In-Depth Insights

Forecast revenue, analyze user cohorts, and uncover valuable insights into revenue and customer behavior. Break down LTV data to identify loyal customers, high-impact products, and top-spending customer locations.

In summary, Lebesgue is an essential tool for eCommerce businesses looking to make smarter marketing decisions and improve their ROI. By offering a wide range of features, including AI-driven analytics, competitive analysis, and LTV breakdowns, Lebesgue empowers businesses to optimize their marketing strategies and achieve lasting success.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $59
  • $149


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