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Discover Laika, a creative micro-lab for writers. Innovatively interact with text, create unique writing styles, and bring your characters to life

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About Laika

Laika: The Creative AI Writing Lab Revolutionizing Text Interaction

Writing is not just about arranging words on a page. It's a creative process that involves inventing characters, creating compelling narratives, and setting the right tone. However, traditional writing methods don't always foster creativity. Enter Laika, a revolutionary tool that turns writing into an interactive and stimulating experience. Unlike conventional AI writing tools, Laika focuses on redefining how writers interact with their text, propelling their creativity to new heights.

The Essence of Laika

Laika is a micro-lab for writing, designed to offer writers a unique way of interacting with their own and others' writings. It shifts away from being a mere productivity tool to provide an environment that nurtures the creative process.

Creating Your Own Brains

In Laika's terminology, a «brain» refers to a unique combination of tone, context, characters, and places that constitute the essence of your writing. With Laika, writers can easily create and develop these «brains,» giving birth to unique writing styles based on their own text or any style they aspire to emulate.

Inventing Characters

Laika takes character creation to a new level. By using a small snippet of backstory and a name, Laika uses context to create rich, nuanced traits for the characters in your story. Writers can also assign a «brain» to a character, allowing the character to speak in a distinct voice, adding depth and personality to their creations.

Visualizing Text

Laika allows writers to visually represent what they've written. With a simple click, writers can conjure images that align with the world they're creating, making their writing process more immersive and visually stimulating.

Collaborating with Literary Giants

Imagine having the opportunity to collaborate with literary geniuses like Kafka, Austen, or Dostoevsky. Laika offers a growing library of famous writers' «brains,» allowing users to explore their unique writing styles and collaborate with them virtually.

Laika's Focus on Quality Over Quantity

While many AI writing tools emphasize productivity and output, Laika prioritizes quality. It is designed to extend a writer's thoughts with just enough text to nudge them forward, maintaining their voice throughout.

Laika’s Potential Applications

Laika is a versatile tool that can greatly benefit fiction writers, game writers, and creatives across various genres. Its ability to create unique writing styles, invent dynamic characters, and visually represent text adds depth to the writing process.

Game studios can also benefit from Laika's consulting services, which assist in integrating machine learning into their production pipelines. This helps create more dynamic and immersive narratives for players.


Laika is more than just an AI writing tool; it's a creative companion that enables writers to interact with their work in innovative ways. By focusing on quality and creativity rather than quantity, it encourages writers to explore their potential and push their boundaries. Whether you're creating an engaging narrative, inventing compelling characters, or looking to write in the style of your favorite author, Laika is the writing lab you need to enhance your creative process.

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Pricing options

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