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Create, enjoy, and trade custom Emote NFTs with Kinetix's AI and no-code tools. Express yourself across virtual worlds and enjoy interactive experiences

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About Kinetix

Kinetix offers an innovative solution for creating, enjoying, and trading custom Emote NFTs in virtual worlds. With its AI-driven and no-code tools, Kinetix allows users to express themselves in unique and creative ways across various gaming platforms.

Create Custom Emotes with AI Magic

Kinetix makes it easy to convert videos into 3D animations using state-of-the-art algorithms. Edit your creations with ready-to-use assets and intuitive no-code tools, blending and mixing animations to unleash your creativity.

Seamless Emote Creation and Ownership

Save and mint your animations as Emote NFTs or Emote assets with Kinetix's integrated, straightforward process. Own your creations and use them across virtual worlds to socialize, express yourself, and enjoy interactive gameplay experiences.

Socialize and Play with Kinetix Emotes

Kinetix's Emote Wheel integration enables users to play their custom Emotes on any avatar, interacting with other players in a fun, engaging manner. Participate in iconic dance challenges, multiplayer competitive games, and epic dance battles to showcase your creativity.

Discover, Collect, and Trade Emote NFTs

Explore the first NFT marketplace specifically designed for 3D animations, featuring fashionable pre-visualization, smart filters, and optimized user flows. Kinetix guarantees perpetual royalties for all Emote NFT sales on its platform, ensuring a creator-friendly revenue model.

Kinetix revolutionizes Emote creation and expression in virtual worlds, providing users with an intuitive, AI-powered platform for creating and enjoying custom Emote NFTs. Join the Kinetix community today and unleash your creativity.

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Pricing options

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