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Kindred Tales

Create a beautiful hardcover memoir with Kindred Tales, a platform that turns your cherished stories into timeless printed keepsakes

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About Kindred Tales

Transform Your Life Stories into Timeless Keepsakes with Kindred Tales

Everyone has a unique story to tell. Kindred Tales helps you share yours, transforming your life tales into a beautifully crafted hardcover book that serves as a lifelong keepsake.

The Power of Storytelling

Storytelling is a powerful tool. It allows us to connect, learn, heal, and grow. By sharing our tales, we pass on cherished memories and experiences. Kindred Tales recognizes this and offers a platform to celebrate these narratives.

Weekly Prompts to Guide Your Tale

The thought of compiling an entire lifetime of experiences into a book can seem daunting. Kindred Tales makes the process more manageable by sending weekly questions to your inbox. These prompts are designed to guide your storytelling journey, helping you to recall memories and articulate them into engaging narratives.

Adding a Personal Touch

In addition to the weekly prompts, you or your loved ones can submit personal chapters and prompts. These help in creating a more personalized and heartwarming memoir, enriching the narratives with intimate details that might otherwise be overlooked.

The Art of Customizing Your Memoir

Once your stories have been penned down, the next step is to arrange them into a coherent and visually appealing format. Kindred Tales allows you to customize the layout of your book, including the cover and the order of your chapters, adding a personal touch to your memoir.

Tailored Design for Your Tale

A book is often judged by its cover, and Kindred Tales recognizes this. They offer a simple cover template that can be personalized, providing a professional look and feel to your memoir. With Kindred Tales, you can ensure that your life's tales look as engaging on the outside as they are on the inside.

From Memories to Hardcover Keepsakes

After arranging your stories and customizing your book's layout, the final step is to submit your book for publication. With Kindred Tales, you can easily transform your tales into a beautiful hardcover book. This book can be shared with your closest friends and family, allowing them to partake in your life's journey.

Every subscription includes one book to start with either a color or black & white interior, depending on your preference. This allows for more flexibility and personalization, making the final product truly reflective of your unique journey.

Conclusion: Tell Your Tale with Kindred Tales

In conclusion, Kindred Tales offers a unique platform for transforming your life stories into a cherished hardcover book. By making the process intuitive and flexible, it opens the doors to a new way of sharing your life's experiences with your loved ones. Whether you're looking to preserve your own memories, or help a loved one share theirs, Kindred Tales provides a wonderful, personalized service that values the power of storytelling and the importance of preserving our life's tales.

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Pricing options

  • $68
  • $85
  • $126


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