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Discover Storied, the affordable, inclusive family history platform. Build your family tree, search historical records, and create shared stories

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About Storied

Storied: An Innovative Approach to Family History

In the age of digital ancestry, Storied is an innovative platform that offers more than your typical genealogy platform. It provides a holistic approach to family history by combining traditional research tools with collaborative storytelling.

Unlocking the Past with Storied

Understanding family history is a journey into the past that can bring unexpected revelations.

Build Your Family Tree

Storied provides an accessible way to begin your journey by building your family tree. Users can start from scratch or upload an existing tree from another site. As you grow your tree, you can uncover new family members through Storied's extensive historical record collection.

Beyond Traditional Family Trees

Storied breaks the mold by allowing users to add non-familial relationships to their family tree. This unique feature enables users to capture more than genetic connections, reflecting the rich tapestry of personal connections that shape our lives.

Sharing Family History and Memories

Storied emphasizes the importance of shared memories and experiences.

Collaborative Storytelling

The platform allows users to create and share stories, relive memories, and collect photos. These stories breathe life into your family tree, transforming it from a static diagram into a vibrant, living narrative.

Secure Group Collaboration

Start a group with loved ones to share memories, photos, and stories in a private, safe place. This unique feature encourages collaboration and communal engagement with your family's history.

Comprehensive and Affordable Genealogy Research

Storied provides robust resources for research without breaking the bank.

Historical Records and Newspapers

Storied's vast collection of historical records is a treasure trove for anyone researching their genealogy. The platform also offers access to newspapers dating back to 1607, illuminating well-known stories and filling gaps in your family history.

An Affordable Option for Family History

Unlike other genealogy platforms, Storied offers affordable access to billions of records and newspapers for just $4.99. This commitment to accessibility ensures that everyone has the opportunity to explore their family history.

Conclusion: Experience the Future of Family History with Storied

In conclusion, Storied provides a unique, innovative platform for exploring family history. By combining robust research tools with collaborative storytelling, it allows users to not only learn about their ancestors but to connect with their own personal histories in a meaningful way.

Moreover, Storied's commitment to affordability ensures that everyone has the chance to explore their roots. The platform's unique ability to go beyond traditional family trees by including non-familial relationships offers an inclusive, realistic representation of personal histories.

Join Storied today, and experience the future of family history. Connect with the past, share in the present, and create a legacy for the future.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $4.99
  • $11.66


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