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Gain financial control over your startup with JustPaid's AI-driven platform. Optimize spending, benchmark performance, and track payments effortlessly

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About JustPaid

JustPaid: The Ultimate Financial Platform for Startups

For startups, maintaining control over financial operations is crucial. JustPaid is an AI-powered financial platform that equips startups with the tools they need to manage their finances effectively. With its suite of smart financial features, JustPaid enables entrepreneurs to optimize spending, benchmark performance, and track payments with ease.

More Than Just a Data Platform

JustPaid goes beyond being a simple data platform. It offers a comprehensive range of financial tools that help startups stay in control of their spending and gain valuable financial oversight. By leveraging AI-driven automation, benchmarking, contract tracking, and opportunity alerts, JustPaid empowers startups to make informed financial decisions and grow their businesses confidently.

Key Features of JustPaid

  • Optimize Your Spend: JustPaid's software automatically generates waterfall entries and supporting reports, seamlessly importing journal entries into your accounting software for accurate revenue and expense recognition.
  • Benchmark Your Business: JustPaid collects anonymized data across all users, providing insights on terms and cost per seat to help you understand your individual spending habits with suppliers.
  • Avoid Problems: Customize a set of policies to ensure each payment is approved by your team based on your organization's Org Chart.
  • Track Contracts & Payments: Streamline your workflow from sales contract to payment receipt, ensuring a smooth conversion from signed agreements to cash in the bank. JustPaid also offers an optional revenue collection process.
  • Save Time with AI-Powered Tools: Utilize JustPaid's unique AI tool to check classification data for consistency and accuracy.

Benefits of Using JustPaid

JustPaid offers numerous advantages for startups seeking to gain financial control and make smart spending decisions:

  • Consolidate Payables: Manage all payables in one place, complete with an overview of upcoming payment due dates and support for ACH and check processing.
  • Monitor Burn Rate: Connect all your financial sources to gain an overview of your burn rate and projected runway.
  • Industry Benchmarking: Compare your spending per vendor with JustPaid's benchmarking data to see how your business stacks up.
  • Profit & Loss View: Gain insight into your financial performance with a Profit & Loss view based on your rules and classifications.
  • Revenue & Expense Recognition: Automatically import waterfall schedules to never miss prepaid amortization entries.
  • AI Contract Reading: Transform contracts into projected revenue and expenditures based on the value of each agreement.
  • Opportunity Alerts: Receive notifications for soon-to-be expiring sales contracts, ensuring you never miss a renewal opportunity.
  • Auto-Classify Transactions: Automatically categorize transactions for a meaningful P& L report.
  • Multi-Client Access: Manage multiple accounting clients on one dashboard with an easy switch between entities.
  • W9 & 1099 Tax Management: JustPaid takes care of collecting W9/W8BEN forms from vendors before they're paid, streamlining the tax management process.
  • ChatGPT for Accounting Queries: Access reports and information directly from your sources of truth without waiting for an accountant, available anytime.
  • Sales Commission Tracking: Automatically accrue sales commissions based on booked or collected revenue and import the liability directly into your accounting software.

Seamless Integration

JustPaid integrates with the platforms you already use, making it even more convenient and efficient for your startup:

  • Communication: Receive opportunity alerts and pay bills directly from Slack, Email, WhatsApp, and text messaging.
  • Accounting: Integrate JustPaid with your preferred accounting platform, such as Quickbooks, Xero, or Netsuite.
  • Banking: Connect any bank account to manage payments and analyze financial data on a single dashboard.


JustPaid is a game-changing financial platform that harnesses the power of AI to help startups optimize their finances, track spending, and make informed decisions. By providing a comprehensive suite of financial tools and seamless integration with existing platforms, JustPaid ensures startups can focus on what they do best: growing their business. Don't let financial challenges hold your startup back—embrace the financial superpowers offered by JustPaid and take control of your company's finances today.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $199


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